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After the Workshop

 After the Workshop



"Heaven on Earth" Evaluation

Once you have returned home from "Heaven on Earth" we ask you to please complete the evaluation of our workshop. The evaluation can be found online at the NEH grant website. When you arrive at the page, please scroll down and find our workshop, "Heaven on Earth: Shakers, Religious Revival, and Social Reform in America," and complete the evaluation for our workshop only.  

EDSITEment and Curricula Sharing 

What is EDSITEment? 

EDSITEment is a website filled with educational resources for teachers, students, and parents. It is an interactive site complete with lesson plans, study material, and links to other relevant websites. EDSITEment was created through a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Verizon Foundation, and the National Trust for the Humanities. Please click the EDSITEment logo above for a link to EDSITEment's main page. 

What does EDSITEment offer?

EDSITEment offers material in the subject areas of literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, and history and social studies. EDSITEment feature complete lesson plans for teachers as well as resources for students that could be used both in and outside the classroom.

How does EDSITEment apply to you as an educator?

EDSITEment is an excellent resource for teachers looking to develop curriculum in any subject. If you are teaching a subject not covered in EDSITEment specifically, such as math or technology, Thinkfinity contains group discussion forums for educators to exchange ideas and materials in these subjects as well as in the humanities.  

EDSITEment is also a space for educators to share their own lesson plans and resources. We strongly encourage NEH Summer Scholars to share their enriched curriculum and lesson plans with EDSITEment!

Format of Lesson Plans found on EDSITEment:


Part I: “The Lesson”
  • Introduction: a brief abstract of what the Lesson covers
  • Guiding Questions: open-ended discussion question(s) that will be addressed throughout the lesson
  • Learning Objectives: brief statements explaining what students will have accomplished after this lesson.
  • Background: a brief introduction to the subject matter for the teacher. Provide links to other EDSITEment lessons relevant, or other useful websites. This section offers the teacher a background on the subject before he/she teaches the lesson
  • Preparation Instructions: a guide for teachers as they prepare students for the activities of the lesson, discuss background information and context for the lesson. Provide any necessary links/resources (including documents, worksheets, and websites) for the teacher to review or for the teacher to print and give to the students during the lesson.  
  • Lesson Activities: a detailed layout and explanation of activities. Each activity is numbered with a title, followed by an explanation of how the teacher is to carry out the activity. Links are supplied within the activity description if access to another website is necessary for the activity.  
  • Assessment: an explanation of how teachers will assess the effectiveness of the lesson. Can include writing activities, discussion questions, quizzes or tests.
  • Extending the Lesson: a brief explanation of other activities and discussions the teacher can lead based on the activities offered in the Lesson Plan. Also include any other EDSITEment websites that are relevant to the lesson.

Part 2: “The Basics”

  • Grade Level: state the academic grades this lesson is intended to be taught to. (Ex. 9-12)
  • Time Required: state the number of class periods the lesson will take
  • Subject Areas: list  from general to specific the subject areas covered in the lesson
  • Include any State Standards/Common Core Standards that apply (Ex: History and Social Studies > US > Themes > Immigration/Migration)
  • Skills: List skills students will need and/or learn through this lesson. (Ex: Using Primary Sources, Role-playing, critical analysis, visual analysis)
  • Authors: provide a list of the authors of any books read during the lesson.

Part 3: “Resources”

  • Provide any resources (worksheets, videos, images, links to websites) necessary for, or relevant to the lesson. You do not need to include links that are already provided in the Activities description.

Part 4: “Related Lesson”

  • Provide links to any other EDSITEment lesson plans that are relevant to this lesson.

Examples of Lesson Plans/Resources found on EDSITEment:



Hawthorne: Author and Narrator