2013 ACE Summer Service Scholars

Anisa Arcos-Pangione

Anisa Arcos-Pangione will be a junior at SUNY New Paltz in the Fall semester of 2013. She double majors in Black Studies and Organizational Communications. Anisa will be a Summer Service Scholar serving at the Underground Railroad Historical Project cite along with Melissa Montano. She will hold the Communication Outreach and Young Abolitionist Program Coordinator position.

Melissa Montano Ariza

Melissa Montano Ariza will be graduating from the University at Albany in May 2014. She is a Sociology major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She will be serving as a Community Outreach and Teen Abolitionist Program Coordinator this summer at the Underground Railroad History Project. In her spare time she enjoys dancing and traveling.

Yvette Boafo

Yvette Boafo is a graduate from the University at Albany, class of 2013. She is currently enrolled in the School of Social Work Master's program at SUNY Albany. This summer, she will be the Coordinator of Ambassador Outreach and Alumni Relations at Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar, Inc where she will design activities that meaningfully engage current CRSaS and alumni. During her spare time, Yvette enjoys eating, bike riding, and spending quality time with her friends. She is passionate about positively contributing to the world.

Rachel Bournique '15

Rachel Bournique is an American Studies major, member of the Siena College Class of 2015 and serving as the the Education Liason for the McCormick Center for the Study of the American Revolution. She will assist in the implimentation of the NEH Landmark of American History and Culture Workshop for School Teachers, "Heaven on Earth: Shakers, Religious Revival, and Social Reform." She will serve as a liason between the workshop faculty and participating teachers. She will help assist the k-12 teachers who work with underserved populations as they develop new cirriculum including primary documents and material culture.

Margaret Campbell

Margaret Campbell, class of 2015 at Mount Saint Mary College, who's majoring in Human Services. She will be serving as a counselor at the Civic Engagement Camp at Siena College this summer. Margaret will be teaching high school youth about social justice issues in their community and how to help. Margaret enjoys ceramics, learning about social justice issues, and listening to music.

Nicholas DiMuzio

Nicholas DiMuzio is a student at Ursinus College, Class of 2015. This summer, he will be working with other Summer Service Scholars to initiate a civic engagement camp through Engaded Leadership Academy for middle school kids. Nicholas is a Bonner Leader at Ursinus College, located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. 

Brittany Drollette '16

Brittany Drollette is a member of the Siena College Class of 2016, majoring in Political Science with a certification in Academic Community Engagement. During the academic year, Brittany's role as a Bonner is with the ACE Trailblazer Program as a Site Team Leader. This summer, she will be serving as Program Assistant for Education and Healthy Living at 15-Love. Here, she will be developing different organizational methods to effectively collect and distribute donated books of interest among youth, hopefully getting them excited to read. Brittany will also create weekly healthy living pamphlets and coordinating healthy living events. Brittany is inspired to be engaged in the community because she believes in equal opportunity.

Danielle Hargrove '15

Danielle Hargrove is a Junior Biology major at Siena College. She will be working as the Squash Hunger Associate for the Captial District Community Gardens. Squash Hunger is a food donation initiative that collects and distributes fresh produce to food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens around the Capital Region.

Mary Hartwick '15

Mary Hartwick, Siena College Class of 2015, is a Business Management Major with an Italian Minor. Mary is a ACE Community Research Assistant, working with the American Cancer Society Hope Club and Northern Rivers Family Services to create a case study about the recent merge.

Fatima Hussain '13

Fatima Hussain is a graduating sociology major at Siena College. She is an assistant to the Healthy Convenience Store Initiative, which is a branch of the Capital District Community Gardens. She focuses on outreach and increasing diversity of healthy living and food in the community. She loves reading and traveling to Pakistan at least every two years to visit her family. She is planning on receiving a Master's degree in Public Health in the Spring or Fall of 2014. Her other interest is in the criminal justice system, particularly in incarceration.

Christian Jacobs '15

Christian Jacobs is a junior Sociology Major at Siena College. He is serving at the Family Center YMCA in Troy, NY as a summer outreach intern. As a summer outreach intern Christian plans on organizing events that brings in families from around Troy that will build on using family and community as support systems. He will also talk with families from within the YMCA in order to develop a better understanding of the problems faced in the Troy community in order to develop ways to resolve these problems.

Shayvonne Jones

Shayvonne Jones is a site project coordinator for Boys and Girls Club of Albany. She is a senior studying Public Administration at the University at Albany. She will coordinate weekly lesson plans that incorporate healthy lifestyles, character and leadership development, arts, and academic success. The above will help to alleviate daily issues faced by at- risk youth.

Lydie Kengne '14

Lydie Kengne, Class of 2014, Siena Collge Political Science Major, Siena College Bonner Leader Lydie Kengne is a Siena College Trailbalzer program leader. She is the Program curriculum builder and the School liaison. This summer, she is taking part in the Summer Service Scholar program where she will be serving at Trinity Alliance as the Assistant to the Director of development.

Moriah McCloskey '15

Moriah McCloskey is a junior at Siena College currently studying psychology with a minor in biology. She is a service site coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club in Albany, NY. She hopes to encourage the community and children to actively think and learn, to employ critical thinking in relation to world events and to explore creative ideas and thought processes. She enjoys playing rugby for Siena college, playing as a prop, and reading in her spare time. She began working with children at summer camp which she attended throughout her childhood, and continues taking care of children through babysitting and service with the boys and girls club!

Shae-Leigh Paparella-Voorhees '15

Shae-Leigh Paparella-Voorhees is a member of the Siena College Class of 2015 and is majoring in American Studies. Her current Bonner Service Leader role is with Parson's Family and Child Center as the Programming and Activities Assistant. In this role, she is creating a way to help families and children with juvenile justice through a resource guide of the area and intake sheets for when youth are arrested. Over the summer Shae will be serving at Capital District Community Gardens as the Agriculture Education intern which will entail coordination of volunteers and incorporation of Troy youth into gardening as well as community engagement.

Amanda Podczerwinski '15

Amanda Podczerwinski is a rising Junior at Siena College who will graduate in May of 2015. She is a chemistry major and hopes to find a career path focusing on health and nutrition. This summer, Amanda will be a Site/Project Coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club of Albany. She will be providing lesson plans for children that are focused on healthy lifestyles, improving creativity, arts, fitness, academic growth, and much more. Amanda will also be acting as a role model for the kids while helping them improve their creativity, gain knowledge about living happy and healthy, and having a fun summer. At SIena, Amanda is part of the swim team and spends her free time hanging out with friends and reading.

Elizabeth Ramundo

Elizabeth Ramundo is a Senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in Applied Mathematics. She is a summer outreach intern for the Capital District YMCA- Troy Family Branch. This position is to serve the Troy Community through the Play Outdoors iniative through youth development , healthy living, and social responsibility.


Audrey Sabatini

Audrey Sabatini will be entering her senior year at Siena College as an Economics Major in the fall. This summer she will be working with the Father Peter Young Foundation (PYHIT) in Albany as a Research Analyst and Volunteer Coordinator. She will be helping both with fundraising and organizing volunteers for the foundation's annual gala in July, as well as collecting data in order to create a cost-benefit analysis of the services provided by the organization. In addition to her academics, Audrey is heavily involved in the music ministry on Siena's campus, Stage-III club, and Chamber Singers. Audrey enjoys traveling, listening to music, and being outdoors.


Joyce Allard

Joyce Marie Medina Allard Class of 2014 School: Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) Double Major: Psychology & Spanish Service Site: Centro Civico Inc. ( Albany, NY) Title: Centro Civico Community Outreach Education Coordinator Description: 1. Developing a Needs Assessment with the focus of better understanding of the agency's services in the community, and how the agency can better serve the community. This needs assessment will help the agency to have a better understanding of the community's needs. 2. Awareness of Centro Civico Services- The agency has realized that the community and individuals living in the close neighborhoods of the Center, are not fully utilizing their services. This would allow me as an intern an opportunity to do a comprehensive outreach. 3. Planning an organization of an Open House for Albany site.

Krystyna Hall

Krystyna Hall, graduated in 2012 at MCLA with a Fine and Performing Arts degree. She will be working with Music Mobile through ACE Summer Service Scholars. She will be helping out with summer programs for the community by making instruments with recyclable materials and teaching the community peace, love and acceptance through songs, activity and by setting an example. She loves to bake, sing, dance, act, dress-up, play video games and read.