Connect4Change: For Team Leaders

Project leaders learn all aspects of project development including marketing to potential clients, scoping projects, logistics planning, team building and reflection, development and facilitation, project execution, and leadership training and mentorship. Project leaders are responsible for ensuring corporate volunteers have a positive work experience that addresses the needs of community partners. Along with planning logistical aspects of a project, project leaders are required to be in attendance for the duration of the service in order to facilitate and assign tasks to volunteers.

Benefits for C4C Project Leaders

Program Management Experience: Project leaders are trained to manage all aspects of the project including marketing the C4C service to community partners and businesses; scoping projects; inventory and supply; logistics planning; team building, volunteer support, wrap up and reflection; assessment and reports; and client accountability

Leadership Development: C4C volunteers are required to attend a brief training. C4C volunteers may apply to become a C4C project leader after volunteering for one project, attending a three-hour leadership training course, and assisting on two additional projects.

Community Impact: C4C student volunteers and project leaders help draw the business and nonprofit communities together to make a positive and lasting impact

Collaboration with Area Organizations and Businesses: Throughout the year student volunteers and project leaders will network and coordinate with community members and business leaders making valuable and lasting connections. 

Meet Our Current C4C Project Leaders!


John Gilbert '15

John Gilbert, Siena College Class of 2015, is a physics major, business minor, and is pleased to be a part of the Connect 4 Change team.


Kaitlyn Gristina '16

Kaitlyn Gristina, Siena College Class of 2016, is a Political Science Major. She became interested in joining this club because she liked the whole idea of Connect4Change and what it stands for. She liked the idea of nonprofits and corporations working together and was interested in working with both clients. Kaitlyn is also involved with ACE by being a coordinator for the Writing Partnership and she is an AmeriCorps member. By participating in Connect4Change, she hopes to help better the community and also to give back to community members.


Erin Grogan '16

Erin Grogan, Siena College Class of 2016, is an Undecided Business Major and Spanish Language minor. She is excited about being a part of the founding members of Connect4Change and the opportunity to work alongside nonprofits and established businesses in the Capital Region. She hopes to create a network, learn essential management and business skills, make a difference, and establish a long lasting presence of the Connect4Change club in the community and at Siena College.


Caitlyn Lawless '17

Caitlyn Lawless, Siena College class of 2017, is an accounting major. Caitlyn is excited to be a member of the Connect4Change team and is looking forward to working with nonprofit organizations and corporations to help the community. She hopes to make a lasting impact in the community, as well as gain business and communication skills.


Greg Mattice '16

Greg Mattice, Siena College Class of 2016, is an accounting major. He is excited to get the chance to work with the Connect4Chenge team to help build its presence in the capital region. He is involved in the Model United Nations team where he holds the treasurer position.


Kyle Mahar '14

Kyle Mahar ‘14 Management major, Excited to be part of Connect 4 Change. Looks forward to helping non-profit organizations connect with local businesses. Also does mentoring during the weekends.


Katie O'Rourke '17

Katie O’Rourke, Siena College Class of 2017, is a Marketing Major. She is very excited to be a part of this brand new Connect4Change program as a first year student. Katie is also a part of the Women’s Swim Team. She looks forward to also giving her time to the Connect4Change program and building connections with organizations, as well as learning essential business skills that will better her education.


Caroline Powell '17

Caroline Powell, Siena College Class of 2017, is an undeclared business major. She is excited to be part of the Connect4Change team and to help bring business' and nonprofit communities together to make a positive and lasting impact. As a member of the Siena College Women's Swim Team, she is excited to be active in the community.


Jenna Potter '16

Jenna Potter, Siena College Class of 2016, is an undecided business major. She is excited to be one of the founding members of Connect4Change. She is also looking forward to networking with both corporations and nonprofit organizations to bring a greater good to the community.