NEXT Fellows

NEXT Fellows are selected from an elite pool of student candidates who make it through a three-step process of faculty nomination, application and review, and interview.  While they do not need to be business majors or minors, NEXT Fellows are strongly encouraged to take core courses in community development, management, marketing, and economics.  Once selected, NEXT Fellows commit to a three-day orientation and minimum of 300 hours of training and development per academic year (approximately 10 hours per week) in order to become NEXT Fellows consultants.  Under the direction and mentoring of the NEXT Leadership Team and NEXT Faculty Mentors, Fellows engage client-partner nonprofits in consulting projects that increase the efficiency and impact of those nonprofits.  

Students may apply to the NEXT Practicum at the start of the fall or spring semester.  Entering NEXT Fellows enroll in the COMD NEXT Practicum for 3 credits during their first semester and continue into the NEXT Fellows Internship Program in their second semester (with an option of registering for an additional 3 credits.)

Fellows are eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps at the start of the Practicum, and receive AmeriCorps credits upon completion of 300 hours of service.  Additionally, Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend at the completion of their second semester with the program.

Students may apply to extend their Fellowship into a third semester and assume the role of Team Leader.   Team Leaders work closely with the NEXT Assistant Director and NEXT Faculty Fellow to orient and train incoming Fellows and ensure seamless project management with existing client-partners.

The following students have been selected to participate in the NEXT Fellows Program:

Erin Cardinal '15

Erin Cardinal, Siena College Class of 2015, is an undecided business major. She is excited about being a part of the first class of NEXT fellows and working alongside non-profits in the Capital District. Erin also hopes to implement a successful program at Siena and to learn more about how a non-profit functions as a business.


Alexandra Cardish '15

Alexandra Cardish, Siena College Class of 2015, is a business management major. Alex became interested in working with non-for profit organizations while being involved with the Habitat for Humanity club at Hudson Valley Community College her freshman year of college. She ultimately became the president of the club her sophomore year. Alex is very enthusiastic about working with the NEXT Fellows team and contributing her diverse knowledge of business and marketing strategies combined with unique and creative ideas to help non-profit organizations achieve their maximum potential.


Dina DeCarlo '16

Dina DeCarlo, Siena College Class of 2016, is an economics major in the BS program. Dina participated in various community service events throughout high school and is now very excited to be a NEXT Fellow for Siena College. She was attracted to this program because it allows her to give back, help people in the local community, and gain a significant amount of business knowledge. Dina looks forward to meeting new challenges and finding creative, effective solutions to help others. She knows this program will provide her with the skills and experiences that she can learn from and take with her once she graduates.

Taylor Fanelli '15

Taylor Fanelli, Siena College Class of 2015, is a French major, management minor. She has always been active in the world of community service. Since a young age she has had an interest in helping others and has volunteered with many different organizations. For Taylor, the idea of working for a non-profit organization is exciting because she loves the good work they do for the community and the world. She would really enjoy the chance to help make non-profit organizations more successful. Hopefully the NEXT Fellowship will be the first step in getting involved in the world of non-profits as a career.


Nicholas Graham '16

Nicholas Graham, Siena College Class of 2016, is a marketing major. Nick became interested in working with not-for profit organizations when he volunteered for Make a Wish events in high school and from working with Habitat for Humanity club here at Siena College. He is very excited to use his business knowledge to help local not-for profit organizations, learn new strategies and knowledge, and gain real world experience in his work with the NEXT Fellows team.

Mary Hartwick '15

Mary Hartwick, Siena College Class of 2015, is a business management major with an Italian minor. She became interested with the NEXT program because of a family member's work with a current non-profit, and because of another family member's current work with starting one.


Margaret Henfling '16

Margaret Henfling, Siena College Class of 2016, is an economics major in the BA program. She began her work with non-profits in high school and within her community at a young age. Margaret is excited this NEXT Fellowship program will not only give her the opportunity to work alongside non-profits but also help her expand her skills and experiences in the business world.


Syed Hussnain

Syed Hussnain, Siena College Class of 2015, is an accounting major. Since arriving at Siena as a transfer student, Syed has been interested in becoming involved with his community and realizes that being a part of NEXT is a great way to do that. Syed is looking forward to working with local non-profit organizations to find creative, effective, and efficient ways of serving the local community. As a result of this experience, Syed hopes to develop a variety of professional skills that he will be able to utilize throughout his career in the business world.


Abdoulie Jallow '15

Abdoulie Jallow, Siena College Class of 2015, is a junior environmental studies major and political science minor. He hopes to one day pursue a career in environmental concerns. Abdoulie spent this past summer working for ACE's Civic Engagement Camp where he taught high school students about community needs and service.

Ena Keric '14

Ena Keric, Siena College Class of 2014, is a account and marketing major. She became a part of the NEXT team because it will prepare her for a career goal of becoming the CEO of a nonprofit organization focused on providing services to children and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Tom Langton '16

Thomas Langton, Siena College class of 2016, is an accounting major. He became active in his home community from a young age through working at soup kitchens and with Habitat for Humanity. He enjoys being able to give back to his community that gives him so much. He feels fortunate to have the chance to become a NEXT fellow because it allows him to do what he loves and learn business practices that will be useful upon graduation from Siena College. He’s looking forward to a challenging, rewarding, and successful year with the other NEXT fellows.


Molly Lussier '16

Molly Lussier, Class of 2016 at Siena College, is a marketing major in the School of Business. Molly first became interested in working with non-profits her sophomore year at Siena when she worked with Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless (IPH) in her management class and when she participated in STOMP Out Homelessness. Molly is enthusiastic to work with NEXT Fellows and use her affinity for providing her assistance to others and her understanding of marketing and business to help maximize the productivity of non-profits and create an efficient and effective business work environment.


Amar Mian '15

Amar Mian, Siena College Class of 2015, is a computer science major. Amar is excited to be working alongside non-for profit organizations and looking forward to doing good work for the community. Amar knows by being part of the program he will learn new skills, polish old ones, and gain experiences that he wouldn't otherwise obtain within a normal class setting.


Maria Ostermann '14

Maria Ostermann, Siena College Class of 2014, is a psychology major with an english minor. She is excited about being a part of the first class of NEXT fellows and hopes to learn more about working with non-profit organizations. She has always had an interest in helping others in any way possible and would enjoy the chance to find creative ways in which she can do that. She knows this program will provide her with the experiences she will need further in on her career.


Marissa Puzino '15

Marissa Puzino, Siena College Class of 2015, is a marketing major in the School of Business. She is very excited about being a part of NEXT Fellows and working as a team to help the non-profit organizations in the Capital District. Marissa is looking forward to finding creative business solutions and sharing her knowledge of marketing. Marissa is grateful for this experience and knows it will be beneficial in her future.

Dustin Stiffler '14

Dustin Stiffler is a senior sociology major, Spanish minor. He grew up in Galway, NY, and still lives there when classes are not in session. Throughout the past few years, Dustin has been very involved in social justice initiatives both on and off the Siena College campus. He has also been a volunteer for the nonprofit organization,, since October of 2012. Dustin was inspired to join the NEXT initiative so that he could expand his knowledge of the nonprofit sector, but also to give back to his community.


Erin Troy '15

Erin Troy, Siena College Class of 2015, is an business management major. She is excited about joining the NEXT Fellow team and the opportunity to work alongside nonprofits in the Capital Region. She hopes to create a network, make a difference, and enrich the business skills that Siena has provided through real world applications.


Jenna Wengler '15

Jenna Wengler, Siena College Class of 2015, is a management major and information systems minor. She is excited to be a part of the NEXT team and looks forward to working with local non-profit organizations. She is hoping to make a positive impact on the community.


Lauren Whitman '15

Lauren Whitman, Siena College Class of 2015, is a sociology major and political science minor. She started to become active in her community by working closely with Habitat for Humanity and establishing a chapter in her public high school as well as participating in volunteer work on a regular basis with The Boys and Girls Club, the Bethesda House in Schenectady and the Regional Food Bank. In January of 2011 Lauren travelled to the Fijian Islands and volunteered in a primary school, teaching basic English and assisting the surrounding villages for three months. By participating in the NEXT program she hopes to continue to better the community in a more sustainable way.