Summer Service Scholars Positions

2014 Positions, Please check back as we continue to update and add positions

Capital Region Sponsor a Scholar
Summer Outreach and Communications Coordinator (1)
Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany
Summer Camp Program Assistant (2)
Senior Services of Albany
Volunteer Coordinator (1)
Marketing Associate (1)
Underground Railroad History Project
Heritage Educational Associate (2)
Parson’s Family and Child Center
Community Outreach Coordinator (1)
Capital District Community Gardens
Agricultural Education Associate for The Produce Project (2)
Healthy Convenience Store Initiative Associate (1)
Healthy Places Associate (1)
Trinity Alliance
Community Outreach Coordinator for South End Community Campus (2)
Albany County DA, Community Justice Outreach Center
Coming Soon (1)
Albany United Methodist Society
Coming Soon (3)
Coming Soon (2)
Centro Civico (1)
Outreach Coordinator for Hispanic Business & Entrepreneurship



NOTE: These positions descriptions are from Summer 2013 and are given as an example of the work that Summer Service Scholars do.

Welcome to the Summer Service Scholars page where you will find a listing of 2013 internship track partners, job titles, and number of available positions. Check back for more internship placements and position descriptions during the spring 2013 semester. In the meantime, view our past summer service scholar positions and participants.


15 Love: Summer Literacy Program Associate
1 position |
Summer learning loss is a problem facing all youth but is especially problematic in urban areas. 15-LOVE strives to alleviate this problem through our Summer Literacy Program, which strives to encourage reading for fun in the nearly 2,000 youth we serve. The Program Assistant for Summer Literacy will work directly with kids to help them choose books to keep that interest, help to streamline the distribution process and organization method for the books, identify and train volunteers and search out additional sources of used books. He or she will also bring this program to the next level through research, enhanced curriculum design and developing a plan to educate families on summer learning loss and the role of reading in combating it. A successful candidate will have strong organization skills, a passion for youth literacy, an ability to relate to children in a way that will help motivate them to read, strong verbal and written communication skills, and an ability to work as part of a team.

15 Love: Healthy Living Program Associate
1 position |
An exciting opportunity awaits a motivated individual who enjoys spending time outdoors, working with children and focusing on healthy living and sustainable agriculture. There is a great need for quality healthy living programs for inner-city children, as rates of childhood obesity continue to be high, and families have a difficult time understanding how healthy foods can be affordable (and tasty). In the Spring of 2012, 15-LOVE was able to create a successful healthy living program that included a youth-led community garden, short publications and hands-on curriculum. The Healthy Living Program Assistant will work with 15-LOVE instructors to create new programming that increases youth involvement in the creation, maintenance and enrichment of this program. Some of the enrichments include, but are not limited to, art programming, environmental sustainability, new publications, and larger-scale food-based events. A successful Program Assistant will be self-motivated, have a passion for working with inner-city children, enjoy gardening, and be committed to helping families find affordable ways to live healthy lives. 
Underground Railroad Museum: Media and Public Relations Coordinator
1 position |

The Underground Railroad Museum is looking to create expanded and enhanced visibility to the historic and non-historic communities through the communication of programs, activities, and overall goals to the general public through the development of a strategic public relations plan. This plan will include digital video products that help to expand the educational outreach of URHPCR.

Job activities will include:

  • Maintain social media outlets
  • Prepare, submit, and follow up on press release submissions
  • Interface with various forms of media
  • Develop a database of media contacts
  • Update promotional literature and arranging for its distribution
  • Arrange media appearances for organizational representatives
  • Create and edit new and existing video material for various audiences

Underground Railroad Museum: Young Abolitionists Program Coordinator
1 position

Each year the Underground Railroad Museum works with local urban youth to develop engaging historical programming around the Underground Railroad Movement and black history in Albany. This programming includes recreating period appropriate landscaping, archeological digs around key properties and media related projects. This position will work closely with these youth to develop ideas and create programming in a youth centered manner. This position requires the ability to work with inner-city youth, experience running small group learning sessions and experience with student-centered models.

Job Activities Include:

  • Collaborative curriculum design
  • Outreach to local youth
  • Coordinate youth through small group activities

Underground Railroad Museum: Historical Interior Design Coordinator (abolitionist period)
1 position |

The Underground Railroad Museum is looking to expand the use of the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence as a living museum. The Myers were middle class African American abolitionists and their home was a hub of activity during the abolitionist period. This position requires historical research skills, experience with simple budgets, and the ability to represent findings in graphic models.

Job Activities Include:

  • Historical research including working with archival data
  • Experience with simple computer modeling or the ability to learn

Capital District Community Gardens: Gardening and Soil Health Associate
1 position |

The Community Gardening Program was established more than 38 years ago, making it one of the oldest community gardening programs in the country. CDCG provides plots in 50 community gardens throughout the Capital Region to those interested in growing their own fresh, organic produce. Gardeners receive nutritional, financial, recreational, social, and physical benefits from tending their garden plots each year.

Position Description:

  • Collaborate with staff and gardeners to bring viability to under-utilized common spaces within some of our community gardens
  • Conduct research on garden soil composition to implement the best communal flower, herb, or berry patch varieties for specific gardens overgrown with nuisance plants
  • Facilitate soil-building efforts by communicating with community gardeners about the importance of soil health and work with area farms and other sources to acquire soil amendments
  • Assist with general garden tasks & other organizational activities when available and needed


  • Motivated and energetic person
  • Enjoy working outside (landscaping, gardening experience is a plus)
  • Strong interpersonal communications and computer skills

Capital District Community Gardens: Agricultural Education Associate (2)
2 positions |

The Produce Project is a job-training program which engages disadvantaged youth from Troy High School in the year-round production and sale of organic vegetables to local markets. With help from the program’s Farmer and Educator, students manage their crops from seed through sale, while earning a stipend and a food share to take home to their families. This program also provides opportunities for students to network with future employers and engages them in hands-on science and math lessons.

Position Description:

  • Assists Farmer and Educator in refining and applying an activity-based curriculum that uses sustainable agriculture as a tool to develop critical job and life skills, as well as tangible experience in science, math, leadership and communication
  • Works with urban youth and acts as a role model in horticultural, culinary and life skills
  • Assists in regular farm tasks


  • Enjoys the outdoors, and is enthusiastic about youth empowerment and food issues
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office & Excel
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with others

Focused Projects may include:

  • Healthy Eating: Develop activities for our healthy snack routine; plan daily snacks on a tight budget and integrate into existing curriculum, while celebrating our youth’s varying cultures and backgrounds. May include instruction in nutrition, cooking and food budgeting, with a focus on knowledge and skills sharing with our youth.
  • Vermicomposting: Help create a vermicomposting system using farm and community compostable waste. 

Capital District Community Gardens: Healthy Convenience Store Initiative Associate
1 position |

The Healthy Convenience Store Initiative (HCSI) works to develop innovative partnerships with local convenience storeowners and gives fresh fruits and vegetables a vibrant presence in some of the Capital Region’s most underserved neighborhoods. Capital District Community Gardens provides and stocks a compact display unit to corner stores in food deserts to improve public health. Our service supports storeowners as they develop their market for nutritious fresh produce, works with storeowners to maintain the produce displays and adequately meet customer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Position Description:

  • Explore and pursue projects that will enhance the effectiveness of HCSI throughout the city such as signage, community surveys/needs-assessment, or other community engagements.
  • Gain knowledge of distributing produce to inner city neighborhoods in addition to the challenges and rewards of providing fresh produce to under-served communities.
  • Assist the HCSI Coordinator in preparing and delivering produce orders to corner store partners throughout the Capital Region


  • Willingness to participate in all aspects of the HCSI program
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Desire to serve inner city neighborhoods throughout the Capital Region
  • Excellent computer, organizational, and communication skills

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with HCSI Coordinator on educational or outreach projects
  • Loading and unloading produce orders (including some boxes in excess of 40lbs.)
  • Simple food preparation and community tasting events
  • Inventory of produce
  • Invoicing and bookkeeping

Capital District Community Gardens: Veggie Mobile Sprout Associate
1 position |
The Sprout is a mobile fruit and veggie market tasked with helping to alleviate pressures felt by people in low-income communities affected by food insecurity. The Sprout sells fresh fruits and veggies in underserved neighborhoods throughout the Region, and is one of three projects under the Healthy Places program which includes the Veggie Mobile, the Veggie Mobile Sprout and the Healthy Convenience Store Initiative.

Position Description:
  • Working with the Sprout Coordinator and the Healthy Places team to serve diverse populations in the Capital Region
  • Pursuing projects in areas of interest to conduct needs-assessment, education, marketing, and data management
  • Helping to prepare the Sprout and our other vehicles for deliveries and assisting with simple food preparation


  • Willingness to participate in all aspects of the Healthy Places program
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Desire to serve inner city neighborhoods throughout the Capital Region

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Generating ideas to promote Healthy Places outreach and education
  • Inventory of produce and Excel spreadsheet management
  • Customer relations with diverse communities
  • Assisting with daily sales and community events

Capital District Community Gardens: Squash Hunger Associate
1 position |
Squash Hunger is a produce donation program providing access to fresh produce to area food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens. Since its inception in 2004, Squash Hunger has collected more than 137,000 pounds of surplus produce to feed families and individuals throughout the Capital Region. Squash Hunger has produce collection bins at convenient drop-off locations including large supermarkets and farmers markets throughout Albany, Troy and Schenectady. Squash Hunger relies on volunteer coordination to distribute donations to local emergency food services. This program also works closely with local farmers and CSAs to glean surplus produce when it is available.


Position Description:

  • Assist with Squash Hunger program and event coordination; work and communicate with volunteers, drop-off partners, farmers and produce donation recipients
  • Develop a plan to increase CDCG community gardener participation in Squash Hunger
  • Research the presence of hunger in the capital region to determine where our services can have the greatest impact
  • Conduct outreach and marketing for donation drop-off sites


  • Enthusiastic about food security issues and working with diverse neighborhoods
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds to assist with transporting donated produce

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Working with Outreach Assistant to coordinate program logistics
  • Maintaining spreadsheets and helping to organize and interpret data in meaningful ways
  • Assist with volunteer coordination and communication

Peter Young Housing, Industry & Treatment: Event Coordinator
1 position |

This position will help Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment further our organizational goal to “Create Taxpayers” by assisting in the planning and development of our Gala. This is PYHIT’s biggest fundraiser in July. Last year we raised over $100,000. The foundation financially supports existing programs within the areas of alcohol and substance abuse, alternatives to incarceration, and job training skills that may otherwise be under-funded. Our programs offer hope and opportunity to the impoverished, the addicted, and the socially disenfranchised through addiction treatment, housing, vocational training, and job placement. With our help, these individuals experience the dignity of earning a paycheck. They establish homes to raise families and break free from the cycle of addiction and give back to their communities.

This intern should be prepared to work in a faced paced environment, familiar with the population we work with, including individuals that use drugs and alcohol, previously incarcerated, and the homeless. This intern will gain experience in marketing, event planning, pursing in-kind and out-of-kind donations, recruiting volunteers and managing volunteers. This individual needs to be a self starter, have excellent communication skills, and be able to talk about our programs to community stakeholders and partnerships. Also needs to be able to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the creation of media including flyers and signs
  • Assist in volunteer recruitment and volunteer management
  • Pursue in-kind and out-of-kind donations
  • Organize publicity of the Gala
  • Work with the Gala Committee
  • Organize many aspects of the silent auction
  • Complete many post-event details such as sending out thank you letters to all donors

Transportation – highly recommended to have a car 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany: Youth Leadership Camp Counselors
10 positions |

Project Learn is an educational initiative through Boys & Girls Clubs of America which reinforces and enhances the skills and knowledge children learn at school during the hours they spend at the Boys & Girls Club. The gap in learning that children often experience during the summer can cause some children to fall behind considerably during those months. Project Learn allows children to become engaged in fun, educational activities during their non- school hours through the use of high yield learning activities. High yield learning activities help children apply what they learn in school and encourage them to make productive choices about how leisure time is spent at the Club and at home. Camp Counselors will focus on programming surrounding the Project Learn initiative and high-yield learning opportunities for youth. Counselor will focus on the same goal within their targeted interest areas.

Youth Leadership Camp Counselors will focus on developing and implementing a 7 week camp curriculum focusing on high yield learning activities in 4 target areas areas of: Education Arts (creative, literary and performing), Fitness, Environmental Education, and Cooking/Nutrition. Each position will focus on one of the above priority areas incorporating activities designed to exercise skills in comprehension, reading and basic math. The goal will focus on building skills and creating life-long learners among our children. 


Troy YMCA: Coordinator of Media and Community Outreach
2 positions |
In 2010, the Troy YMCA was selected to participate in a national “Play Everyday Outdoors Program.” This program was created to enrich families in high-poverty areas by organizing events that encourage families to get outside and play as a family. The Troy YMCA is hoping to bring this program to the next level this summer through increasing family participation and enhancing programming and partnerships. Some of the duties of this internship include:
  • Assist in the logistics of planning these events
  • Attend programming and interact with the families
  • Conduct focus groups with actual and potential participants
  • Increase family involvement
  • Develop new programming through needs assessment and best practices research
  • Develop nutritional education & education about local urban open-spaces
  • Establish new partnerships to support the program
  • Increase volunteer involvement in the program
  • Media and community outreach

A successful candidate must be able to work in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. He or she must be organized, have reliable transportation, strong communication skills, and ability to work in fast-pace environment. Experience working with large groups and diverse individuals is a plus.


Capital Region Sponsor-a-Scholar: Coordinator of Ambassador Outreach and Alumni Relations
1 position |

Since 1996, Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar, Inc. (CRSAS) has worked “to assist economically disadvantaged young men and women to graduate from high school and attend college.” With over a 130 college graduates and 150 scholars now attending college we believe alumni and scholars are strong advocators for the future of this program. Over the last few years we have strived to cultivate alumni relations and bridge the gap between sponsor and scholar. The Ambassador Program will combine the need of alumni and organization relations as well as program advocators to donors/sponsors.

Position Description:

  • Coordinate the four volunteers
  • Develop media & social media
  • Coordinate (Alumni engagement events)
  • Best practices research in alumni engagement
  • Database management & mining
  • Developing better relationship with current college students

In conjunction with Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar staff, The Director of Ambassador Outreach is responsible for pioneering The Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is an alumni outreach and retention program designed to cultivate and acknowledge donor/sponsor contributions. The Director of Ambassador Outreach will act as an ambassador to alumni and scholars to encourage participation in the Ambassador Program; assist in the recruitment of future CRSAS ambassadors; and design and create a database to monitor donor/sponsor monetary contributions.

Successful candidates will be outgoing, have excellent communication skills and experience with data-mining software such as Microsoft Office Excel and Access. 

Centro Civico: Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
1 position

Centro Civico is in need of a comprehensive volunteer program. We have been very lucky to have good and dedicated volunteers, but has not yet developed a volunteer program and infrastructure within our organization. As a non for profit organization we depend on our volunteers and without an organized program we are not able to recruit new volunteers and retain the existing ones. This opportunity is very important to our organization's vitality. As a result, we will be able to serve our community, fulfill a very important need within our organization, give an opportunity to an intern to learn and gain experience by getting involved and offer individuals who wish to volunteer a well-structured program.

Position Description:

The Coordinator of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention will build Centro Civico’s Volunteer program from the ground up. This includes the creation of a mission statement, research into best practices, identification of current volunteers and personnel for leadership in this volunteer program. He or she will work collaboratively to build the volunteer program including improving the volunteer recruitment process, development of a volunteers recognition program and creation of a volunteer screening process. The Coordinator will also address risk management issues and investigate legal requirements. A successful candidate will have experience volunteering in organizations, will have strong research and writing skills and excellent communication skills. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not required.


Academic Community Engagement: Coordinator of Digital Media and Communications
1 position |

Siena College Academic Community Engagement is seeking a Coordinator of Digital Media and Communications to document the summer programming of Siena College ACE and its non-profit community partners.

  • The duties of this position include:
  • Outreach to ACE community partners to identify programming and events
  • Attend and document ACE and ACE partner events
  • contact local media to highlight programming and events
  • Create a database of photographs and videos
  • Expand Social Media outreach
  • Create press releases and articles to local media
  • Work with local news outlets such as Times Union and Metroland to highlight community events

An ideal candidate will have experience with photography and video editing software and will have strong writing and communication skills. 

Civic Engagement & Leadership Camp Coordinator
 4 positions |
The ACE Civic Engagement Camp teaches high-school students to become engaged citizens through hands-on community service projects that help them to increase their leadership skills and social justice awareness. CEC is looking for individuals who are committed to working with high-school students on specific areas of social justice. Each Assistant Director will focus on developing and implementing camp curriculum and activities related to an issue area that he or she is passionate about. Issue areas may include diversity, hunger, homelessness, youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, and literacy just to name a few. This position also will include elements of fundraising, recruitment, assessment and media relations. 
Contact Assistant Director of ACE, Dr. Ruth Kassel, for more information.