Dake Family/Stewart's Shops Fellows Program



ACE and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Activity (CURCA) have partnered to build a developmental pathway for Dake/Stewart's Shops post-graduate community fellowships, starting Summer 2013. Students will have the opportunity to prepare a Summer Service Scholars Community Based Research Project application with guidance and consultation of ACE and CURCA.


Through the generosity of the Dake Family and Stewart's Shops, ACE has started a new developmental pathway for Siena students who:

  1. Identify a community challenge,
  2. study that challenge, and
  3. spend a year of full-time service post graduation working to address that challenge in a Capital District community. 

Students participate in the Dake Family/Stewart's Shops Fellows Program by becoming involved in the following developmental process:

Dake Summer

Interested Siena students prepare a proposal for participation in the Summer Scholars Program with a fcous on community-based research and, if selected, begin this 2 year pathway by participating in the Center of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Summer Scholars Program. 

Dake Capstone

Students who successfully complete the community-based research Summer Scholar experience register for Community Development Capstone (COMD 400, COMD 410) in the fall and spring of senior year for between 1 and 3 credits each semester respectively. Students will develop further their post-graduate fellowship projects. 

Dake Fellows

In April of their senior year, Dake Fellows will present post-graduate project ideas to the Dake Fellows Review committee. The best projects will be selected for full-time post-graduate year-of-service fellowships.

Deepening Our Relationship

All of our non-profit partners are grateful for this research and other partners are starting to develop their own research questions in anticipation of attracting a new Dake Scholar next summer. We also have further cultivated our relationship with academic departments who are working with our students. The economics research this summer will also be the basis for a community engaged economics course to be taught this fall. The business case will be co-authored with a Siena faculty mentor.

Would you like more information?

Are you interested in learning more about the Dake Family/Stewart's Shops Fellows Program? Get more information or learn ways to get involved by contacting Dr. Ruth Kassel, Assistant Director of ACE.