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Welcome and thank you for your interest in a 2013 Siena Summer Service Scholar.  Our Scholars come from a variety of colleges and disciplines including local colleges such as Sage, St Rose, UAlbany and Siena, as well as other colleges from across the northeast. This program is competitive and the quality of candidates is very high. In some cases, we have graduating seniors and even graduate students participating in this program. 

This application is designed to give us a general sense of the type of work you would like an intern to be doing next year. Once received, we will work with you to make sure that it is both rigorous and engaging enough to attract high-quality interns as well as in compliance with the federal programs that fund it.

Please note, acceptance of this application does not 100% guarantee a successful intern placement at your site. Various factors including ability to recruit for your specific position, number of VISTA and AmeriCorps slots awarded to the Office of ACE at Siena and programmatic/organizational shifts may all come into play.

Summer Service Scholar Program Calendar 2013-2014

Noember 15th  Call for summer intership proposals
December 16th Deadline for summer internship proposals
December 31st Preliminary sites chosen
February 17th Priority Deadline for student applications
March 18th-19th Preliminary Screening Interviews at Siena
April 12th (Saturday) speed networking interviews
April 14th Placement announcement made to sites and interns
April 19th MOUs sent to sites
June 2nd-3rd Full Day orientation (Both on-site and at Siena)
June 4th 1st day of service
**Weekly starting June 11 Wednesday class 4:30 - 6:30
June 30th-July 3rd Midterm site visits
July 28th-August 1st Exit interviews with Scholars (during business hours)
August 1st Last Day of Service


Our expectations for a Summer Service Scholar position:

The Office of Academic Community Engagement at Siena College is dedicated to creating challenging and rigorous internship opportunities for our scholars.  Each year we continue to attract top talent due to the high standards we place.  

When considering what sort of internship position you would like to create please follow the following guidelines:

  • The position must be a professional position that helps the scholar to grow and learn more about the nature of non-profit work.

  • The position must give the scholar exposure to diverse populations as well as underserved populations in the Capital Region


What facilities do I need to have in order to have a scholar?

In order to qualify as a Summer Service Scholar site you must have the following:

·      You must be a 501C3 non-profit organization

·      You must agree to have a designated supervisor for this position who is present every day.

·      There must be office space for this intern to do his/her work, this may be shared space.

·      You must agree to participate in the mentoring requirements of the program.


What activities can my Scholar to do?

Our AmeriCorps scholars do direct and indirect work, as well as research-focused service. It can be hard to determine which is better for your organization. Below is a basic description of the types of service a scholar can do. In most cases, a position will be a combination of the three. 

For questions and guidance on writing a position description feel free to contact Ruth Kassel  at rkassel@siena.edu or 518-782-6951. 

Direct, hands-on work

They are often helping to manage cases, run summer programming, teach and mentor individuals, build capacity in your organization etc… Some AmeriCorps Scholars in the past have worked with Music Mobile helping them to create new songs and programming and helping to implement it. Another, for example, helped to manage casework and deliver life skills trainings at the Interfaith Drop-in Center of Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless.

Indirect, behind- the scenes

Many scholars do behind the scenes work rather than hands-on service. They often help to build new programming, expand on existing programs, and build capacity in your organization. Some Scholars in the past have helped to expand a high-school service -earning program, create a mentoring program, and coordinate and run literacy events.

Community-Based Research Focus

Scholars who focus on research often take the skills of their discipline to benefit an organization in some way.  Research can be purely academic in nature –an economic impact analysis of one decision over another—or more general –a needs assessment or white paper.  In most cases the research will be something that can be published either through the community organization or in an external venue.

What Benefits does Summer Service Scholars offer?

1.     Team building and intern support

2.     AmeriCorps Educational Award: Some positions will be eligible for an AmeriCorps educational award of 1, 172.00 (subject to change) 

3.     Academic Credit for students who wish to get a credit-bearin experience

Policies for Recruiting Interns by Community Partner Organization

We recognize that often the most effective interns can come from a volunteer or year-long intern candidate. We are open to working with interns recruited by us as well as interns nominated by your organization.  In either case, the intern must go through the interview process and be formally accepted into our program. Although the intern will likely be placed at your organization he or she will still need to go through both and on campus interview as well as the speed networking interviews in order to better understand the program as a whole.

Here are the steps to nominate an intern:

1. Contact the Sumer Service Scholar Coordinator. 

2. Submit a written letter of reference for the scholar noting why this scholar is the best candidate for the job.

3. Have candidate submit an application with cover letter and resume through the Summer Service Scholars website.

4. Candidate must come to the Siena Office of ACE for a formal interview

5. Candidate must agree to fulfill all roles and responsibilities of the Summer Service Scholars Program including register for and attend the class (0 credit option is available) and complete all assignments.


Site Supervisor Responsibilities

          Work with the SSS Program Coordinator to create and edit an appropriate Assignment Description for a summer intern

          *Interview all possible candidates on the date of the Saturday partner interviews

           Participate in site supervisor spring meeting

          Provide daily support, monitoring, mentoring and supervision to the Scholar

          Provide a suitable work space for the scholar

          Meet individually with scholar once per week to review progress

          Allow Scholar to participate in all mandatory Summer Service Scholar Activities (see Google program calendar on http://www2.siena.edu/sss)

          Complete and submit all programmatic feedback and evaluations

          Complete all CNCS related documentation 

          Sign Memorandum of Understanding with Siena ACE 

*If you are hiring for more than one distinct position we recommend you bring more than one representative from your organization 

Grievance Procedures:


If a site-supervisor is having issues with their intern, they should first email the Coordinator of the Summer Service Scholars Program in order to set up a meeting to address the concerns. 

Based off information provided in that meeting the coordinator will write a formal letter of warning to the student and/or set up a meeting with the student and supervisor together. If performance does not improve or the issue persists, future actions could include dismissal from the program. 


There is no excused time off in the program. All participants have to make up their hours, regardless if they fail to show up to work or have a reasonable excuse for not being able to arrive. Summer Service Scholars must complete their 300 hour AmeriCorps terms.

Any requests for flextime must be approved by both the site supervisor and the Summer Service Scholars Coordinator in writing.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding Summer Service Scholar, please contact Ruth Kassel, PhD at rkassel@siena.edu or 518-782-6951