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Office 2007

Office 2007 @ Siena 





  • To see how things differ from Office 2003, download theOffice 2007 Interactive Guides

Information About Office 2007

Keep in mind

  • Office 2007 files have an "x" added to their file extensions.  Thus, a Word file would be named "file.docx" instead of "file.doc." The Excel extension is ".xlsx" and that for PowerPoint is ".pptx."  Publisher files are unchanged.
  • Microsoft Access files -- with an ".accdb" extension -- cannot be converted. If you receive one, you will need to ask the sender to save it in Access 2000 format.
  • Some features in Office 2007 cannot be converted.  You will receive a warning if this happens. Most of the file will be fine, but the bells and whistles may be lost.
  • If you save a file, it will be saved in Office 2007.  Though you can open the file without changing the format, you may wish to use "Save as" and save the file in Office 2003 format.