SoLA SAINTS (Siena Alumni providing INnovative, Transformative Support to Students)



Siena Alumni providing INnovative, Transformative Support to Students

  • Enhance your professional development experience.

  • Find out what it is really like to work in your professional field of interest.

  • Meet alumni who have 'been there and done that.' 

  • Take concrete steps toward finding focus to your professional goals and aspirations.

Participate in the Siena School of Liberal Arts Alumni Mentors Program!

SoLA Saints provides interesting, helpful, and varied programming exploring the journey from curriculum to career.  SoLA SAINTS also match students with alumni mentors working 'in the field' offering students first-hand advice and one-on-one mentoring regarding the many questions that students exploring their professional interests might have.

All students are welcome to attend any of the group programs, if you would like to be matched with an individual mentor, please contact Assistant Dean Allison Schultz for more information. 

Alumni Mentor Application

Program Overview

How to be a Great Student Mentee

Questions to ask your mentor

Planning a meeting with your mentor/mentee

How to be a Great Mentor


Articles of Interest (articles will be added over time.  If you have an article to share, please let me know: Allison Schultz, Assistant Dean, School of Liberal Arts):

Summer (actually year-round!) Job Search Advice

Advice for Smart Students on Suceeding in College

Six Habits of Remarkably Likeable People