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Public Folder Policy

(Senior Staff Briefing, February 8, 2007)

In response to a problem associated with a Public Folder which arose in November of 2004 involving a potential breach of private information, and to support an increased awareness and focus on a best practice approach to our day-to-day operations at Siena College, the issue and use of Public Folders became an area in need of immediate review.  This review process identified the need for enhanced policies and practices related to the appropriate usage, posting of, and oversight of confidential as well as non-confidential material, including contents of Public Folders. Initially, a decision was made to completely phase out the use of Public Folders. However, in respect to the dialogue that occurred with the community, and particularly among faculty representatives on ACTS, the following reflects the proposal regarding the ongoing management of Public Folders.

To support best practices, beginning spring 2007, Siena College ITS will delete the contents of all existing faculty and staff Public Folders three weeks after the last day of classes of each fall and spring academic semester.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual utilizing a Public Folder to either copy or move the contents prior the scheduled date for purging should they wish to retain the material.  A series of three separate email notices will be sent to faculty, staff and administrators reminding them of the date that information in Public Folders will be deleted (first one sent three weeks prior to “purge date”, the second one sent two weeks prior, and the third sent one to two days prior the date).

For spring 2007, the last day of classes is May 8th, and the proposed purging of the contents of Public Folders is May 29, 2007.  The first email notification will be sent on May 8th, the second on May 15th, and the final email notification will be sent on Friday, May 25th