Marcela Garcés, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Classics (Spanish)



Marcela Garcés, Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Classics (Spanish)
Spanish Peninsular Cultural Studies; Hispanic Film; La Movida Madrileña
Office: Kiernan Hall 217
Phone: (518)783-4279


Marcela T. Garcés is an Assistant Professor of Spanish. She earned her Ph.D. in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures with a Ph.D. minor in Museum Studies at the University of Minnesota. She also earned her Master’s Degree in Hispanic Literature at the University of Minnesota. She holds a B.A. in Social Relations and Spanish from Michigan State University.


Dr. Garcés specializes in contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies, specifically on the post-Franco countercultural moment called “La Movida madrileña.” She is interested in visual culture and the connections between images and texts. Additionally,she researches Museum Studies, film, and contemporary art and literature.

At Siena College, Dr. Garcés has taught Spanish 202 (Intermediate Spanish II); Spanish 301/302 (Communication in Spanish I & II); Spanish 320 (Introduction to Hispanic Prose); Spanish 330 (Introduction to Hispanic Drama); Spanish 350 (Spanish Civilization); Spanish 370 (Advanced Communication and Composition); Spanish 400 (Latin American and Spanish Film) and Spanish 400 (Representative Authors from Spain).  At the University of Minnesota, among other courses, she had the opportunity to teach and design a Spanish 3800 course, “The Films of Pedro Almodóvar.”
Selected Conference Presentations
  •  “El legado de La Movida madrileña: del underground a la cultura popular.” 5th International Conference of the Spanish Society for the Literary Study of Popular Culture (SELICUP): “Multidisciplinary Views on Popular Culture.” University of Castilla-La Mancha,Toledo, Spain: 2012.
  • “Unearthing and Burying Memory in Spain: Reflections on a Funeral, 72 Years Later.” Violence, Memory, and Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Conference University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 2012.
  • “Broken Embraces: The Memory of a Breakdown.” Memory and World Cinema Conference. San Antonio, Texas: 2011.
  • “Teaching La Movida Through Film and Text.” Cine-Lit VII: An International Conference on Hispanic Film & Fiction. Portland, Oregon: 2011.
  • “Okupas, pijos, y alternativos: Searching for a Room of Their Own in Spain.” MMLA, Minneapolis, Minnesota: 2008. 
  • “Voices and Visions: The Madrid Movida in Recent Films.” European Film Conference, The University of Texas at San Antonio: 2008.
  • “How to Get Over a Hangover, or: Tales From Generation X Spain.” Graduate Colloquium on Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Linguistics, and Cultures, The University of California at Berkeley: 2007.
  • “More Than Meets the Eye: The Presence of the Homosocial Gaze in Pedro Almodóvar's 'Talk to Her' and 'All About my Mother.'“ Cine–Lit VI: Essays on Hispanic Film and Fiction. An International Conference on Hispanic Film and Literature. Portland, Oregon: 2007.
Current Research
Dr. Garcés is currently working on a book manuscript about the legacy of the Movida madrileña. She is also co-authoring an article about the unearthing of mass graves from the Spanish Civil War with Dr. Kajsa Larson, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Northern Kentucky University.  In addition, she is writing an article about the film The Way (2010).