Lisette Balabarca, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Classics (Spanish)



Lisette Balabarca, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Classics (Spanish)
Aljamiado & Moorish Literature;16th and 17th Century Travel Literature; The Picaresque Novel.
Office: Kiernan Hall 217
Phone: (518)782-6913
Dr. Balabarca's CV

Lisette Balabarca is an Assistant Professor of Modern Languages & Classics Department (Spanish). She earned her Ph.D. in Hispanic Literatures at Boston University. She holds a B.A. in Humanities with mention in Psychology and Linguistics and Literature from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Dr. Balabarca specializes in Morisco and Aljamiado Literature and Early Modern Spanish Islam. She focuses on the texts produced by Spanish Muslims, written in Spanish and in both Latin and Arabic characters, during the years surrounding their final expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula in 1609 and 1614.  While her secondary research interests include Early Modern Spanish Picaresque Novel and Travel Literature, she has also worked on contemporary Latin American pop culture.


Recent courses include SPAN 102 (Fundamentals of Spanish II), SPAN 202 (Intermediate Spanish II), SPAN 301 and 302 (Communication in Spanish I & II), SPAN 320 (Introduction to Hispanic Prose) and SPAN 360 (Spanish American Civilization).

Fall ’12, Dr. Balabarca will be teaching SPAN 301, SPAN 330 (Introduction to Hispanic Drama) and SPAN 370 (Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition).


“Social Denunciation of the Politics of Fear: Rock Music through the Eighties in Argentina, Chile And Peru.” Song and Social Change in Latin America. Ed. Lauren Shaw. Lexington Books, 2013 (Forthcoming).

Dissertation’s Review: “La polémica cristiano-musulmana tras la expulsión (1609-1614): la Contradicción de los catorce artículos de Ibrahim Taybili frente a la Expulsión justificada de los moriscos de Pedro Aznar Cardona.” Revista Aljamía (Oviedo, Spain) (Forthcoming).

“Viaje de Turquía: la representación de los turcos en un diálogo del siglo XVI.” Hispania Félix: Revista Hispano-Rumana de Cultura y Civilización de los Siglos de Oro. 2 (2011): 67-84.


"Realidad vs ficción: contradicciones en la representación de los  hispano-musulmanes en la literatura del siglo XVI.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference 2012, University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)                    

“Expulsados: el problema de la identidad morisca a la luz de la Contradicción de los catorce artículos de la fe cristiana de Ibrahim Taybili.” NEMLA Conference 2012 (Rochester, NY) 

“Un análisis de la intervención del autor en La Lozana andaluza de Francisco Delicado.” 14th Annual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium 2011. Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

Current Research

Dr. Balabarca is currently studying the Tafsira, an aljamiado text written by el Mancebo de Arévalo, a morisco author whose work was produced after the fall of Granada (1492), during mid-16th century Spain.