ACE Faculty Fellows Program

As Siena’s mission states, we are here “to create a world that is more peaceable, just and humane.” This means that a pedagogical endeavor like academic service learning or community-engaged learning is more than just getting students out into the community or giving them experiential interaction with the course matter; it is a way to make a real difference in a local underserved population.

In addition to Franciscan goals, community–engaged teaching and learning at Siena College is more than an isolated academic endeavor; our community engaged curriculum is a direct response to expressed community needs. Our ACE Faculty Fellows focus on maintaining academic rigor in course objectives but are also adaptable in giving the community a large say in how these goals and objective are met.

Finally, ACE Faculty Fellows go above and beyond by using the skills of their particular discipline through undergraduate research and specialized projects. They work with students as colleagues in using disciplinary tools to create community solutions including Policy Option briefs, formal research reports, community presentations and forums, and audio-visual media projects just to name a few. For an indepth look at some of our previous projects, visit our past courses page to learn more.

This program is for those would like to create a new community engaged course or would like to redesign an existing course to work with a community partner. In designing a community-engaged course you should be ready for the following:

  • Work with a community partner from the very beginning of your course design to design a project and product that will benefit the partner as well as your course objectives.
  • Place students in the role of leaders in creating solutions to community issues that are raised.
  • Work with students in your discipline to bring coursework and research in line with community goals.
  • Preference is given to full time faculty at Siena, in some cases exceptions have been made to include ¾ time and visiting faculty.

Engagement in the community is a process and Fellows rarely create the ‘perfect’ community-engaged course on the first try. Fellows commit to working with ACE over multiple years in different ways.

  • Year 1: Apply for Fellowship in Fall semester. When accepted, participate in January Institute, spring semester workshops and other events as you designs your course.
  • Year 2: Implement the course with support of the office of ACE and experienced faculty mentors. Participate in internal workshops and the end of year academic celebration.
  • Year 3: Continue to refine your community engaged teaching style as you work with newer faculty as a mentor. Start to engage in the scholarship of engagement within Siena and at the national level
  • Year 4 and Beyond: Continue to engage with the community through your teaching and scholarship as you engage with the Siena community as a community advocate. If you participate as an official ACE Faculty Mentor you must continue to teach a minimum of one community engaged course per academic year and mentor ACE Faculty Fellows as they design and implement courses.

Year 1:

  • Access to mentors and ACE office personnel and resources
  • Curriculum development grant of $500.00 dispersed at the end of the Spring semester
  • ACE support in applying for external funding

Year 2:

  • $750.00 released on the first day of the semester of implementation.
  • Access to ACE Faculty Mentor and/or ACE undergraduate Program Associate and, in some cases, a VISTA and Bonners who are already serving in the partner organization

Year 3 - 4:

  • $500.00 mentoring stipend (given once)
  • Access to up to 250.00 for conference travel (usually given only once)

Expectation of ACE Faculty Fellows:

  • Participate in a pre-semester Institute (January 15-16, 2013)
  • Participate in all Spring semester breakfast workshops
    • February 15 9-10:30am: Community Engaged Learning and Student Development
    • March 31 9-10:30am: Integrating Student Learning through Reflection
    • April 12 9-10:30am: Logistics, Logistics, Logistics
  • Submit ACOM attribute application by March 31st
  • Meet at least once with Faculty Fellow Program Coordinator during the summer and semester prior to implementation
  • Implement course in Fall or Spring of following academic year
  • Participate in ACE assessments: beginning/end of semester measures of social justice & mid-semester student feedback survey
  • Work with students to create a poster for end-of-year academic celebration.
  • Create of one Siena internal product (article to go into ACE magazine, departmental presentation, brown bag/workshop presentation, etc…)

Please attach the answers to the following questions in a Word Document along with a copy of your cover letter and a departmental letter of support.

  • Name
  • Department
  • Campus address
  • Campus phone
  • Email address
  • How many years have you been teaching at Siena College?
  • Are you a full-time, 3/4 time, visiting, other (please specify)

In a paragraph or two, answer the following questions:

  • What class are you hoping to design/redesign? Why do you want to teach it with a community partner?
  • What issue area are you passionate about? Please elaborate.
  • What is your current engagement in the community? This could be pedagogical or personal.
  • Why are you interested in this program? What are you hoping to get out of it?