Academic Community Engagement

Requirements for the Certificate in Community Engagement (18.00 Credits)        
SOCI 101 The Sociological Perspective   OR              
SOCI 120 Global Social Problems  OR              
SOCI 160/ ENVA 140 Environment & Society  OR              
POSC 130 Political Theory                                                                            
3 cr.      
SOCI 321 Rural Sociology                                                                                       
3 cr.      
GLST 100 Introduction to Globalization Studies                                                           3 cr.      
COMD 200 Higher Ed Partnerships for Community Development             OR          
COMD 210 Community Based Research            OR          
PCST 250 Empowerment, Social Action and Personal Transformation                            3 cr.      
Students must earn 6 credits from the following three courses.          
Each course is offered for between 1 and 3 credits.              
COMD 300 Academic Service Learning/Community-Based Research Practicum        
COMD 400 Community Development Capstone I              
COMD 410 Community Development Capstone II  6 cr.      
COMD 280 Urban Community Development Internship                                                   1 course      
COMD 285 International Community Development Internship                                          1 course      
Note: COMD 280 and COMD 285 can be taken for credit. These credits cannot be used toward the Certificate.  
Academic Community Engagement