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iTunesU Instructions

  • Log on using your Siena ID.  Your web browser will start iTunes and open the iTunesU page.
  • There will be a folder with your name.  Click on your name to start editing.

iTunesU folder

  • At the right of the screen, there are a series of options
    • Edit Page. Starts editing the page.
    • Edit Access.  Lets you set up individual access.  Advanced users only.
    • Upload and Manage Files. Used to upload files into iTunes, delete them, and group them into folders.
    • iTunesU Support.  Links to the iTunesU Support pages.
    • Logout. Logs you out of iTunesU.
  • Probably the first thing you’ll want to do is edit the page.  Click on Edit Page.

Menu reaqdy for editing

  • The page will look similar, but with various editing icons displaying.  The icons include:
    • A pencil. Click on this to start editing the item.
    • An arrow pointing up. Used for uploading the course image.  See information for uploading files (below).
    • A check mark. Tells iTunesU to accept your changes.
    • A slash in a circle.  Deletes an item.
  • You can enter text as you desire. Click on the check mark when you’re done.
  • When you’re done, click on End Editing.

Uploading Files

  • To upload files, Click on “Upload and Manage Files.”
  • Your web browser will open. When the warning displays, click “OK.”
  • The web page will display in your web browser.

Upload and Manage iTunes

  • Select the group where you want to upload the file (Groups are created/renamed using the Edit Page instructions.)
  • Click on “Add New File.”
  • A window will let you browse to the file.  Select it and click “OK.”
  • The file will upload. When the upload is complete, it will display for editing.
  • You can edit options by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • More files can be uploaded, one at a time, until you are done.
  • When you finish uploading, click on “Done.”
  • When you are finished editing, click on “Logout” to protect your changes.