School of Liberal Arts Internships


Thinking about an Internship? 


Internships for Academic Credit: Internships for academic credit in the School of Liberal Arts are administered primarily by departments.  Those placements that are not covered by departmental areas are offered under ATDV 480 Internship in Liberal Arts, and are administered by the dean.  The dean may approve any faculty member in the School to oversee an internship.  Information on non-credit internships can be found at the Career Center.

All internships for credit require 40 hours of on-site work per academic credit.  Learning outcomes are defined by the student when s/he applies for the internship through a faculty advisor or course instructor.  The internship assignment includes a final paper in which the student addresses the degree to which the goals of the internship were met.  Students receive a letter grade for the internship.

Student qualifications vary by department (see Catalogue) but generally require at least Junior standing, a B+ or better grade point average, and permission of the instructor.  In some departments, one faculty member coordinates all internships as part of the course load; in others, individual faculty members supervise a small number of students.

Departmental internships are offered in American Studies, Creative Arts, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology.  Internships are embedded in the required course work in Education and Social Work.  Internships are not offered in Modern Languages and Classics or Philosophy.  Departmental contact information is below:


American Studies

Professor Karen Mahar / Kiernan 213 / 518-782-6570 /

Creative Arts

Department Chair: Professor Denise Massman / Foy Hall 305 / (518) 786-5054 /


Professor Erich Hertz / 214 Kiernan / (518) 782-6896 /


Professor Karen Mahar / Kiernan 213 / 518-782-6570 /

Students seeking internships through the McCormick Center for the Study of the American Revolution should see Associate Professor Jennifer Dorsey / Kiernan 229 / 783-2319 /


see Dean of School of Liberal Arts


see Dean of School of Liberal Arts

Political Science 

Professor Len Cutler / Siena Hall 326A / (518) 783-2350 /


Internships in Psychology

Religious Studies

Department Chair: Professor Tom Dickens / Clare Center 108 / (518) 782-6766 /


Department Chair: Professor Duane Matcha / Professor of Sociology /Hines Hall 105 /
(518) 783-2944 /


Students may also be interested in opportunities in the School of Science or Business:

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