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Violence Prevention

At the Center for Counseling and Student Development we are committed to providing emotional support, guidance and referrals for students who have experienced a sexual trauma and other types of relationship violence.  First and foremost, a consultation with us is confidential. Secondly, helping survivors regain control of their lives is a guiding principle of our interactions. We know that emotional reactions to a traumatic event can temporarily cause a lot of confusion, and meeting with a patient counselor in a relaxing environment can help a survivor work through all of those confusing thoughts and emotions. We also provide information and guidance for students who want to help a friend who has experienced a traumatic event or who may be in an unhealthy relationship.  When a student is not yet ready to report to another office on campus we can help the student obtain information about reporting options and services without jeopardizing privacy. Lastly, we know that traumatic events need not be recent to have an impact on the survivor’s life.   We will provide emotional support regardless of when or where the trauma occurred.
Select the following link for detailed information on Sexual Violence Prevention at Siena College.