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Core Curriculum Learning Goals

As a learning community and liberal arts college grounded in its Franciscan and Catholic heritage, Siena affirms the following learning goals for the core curriculum:
Learning Goal 1. Informed reasoning
Students will think critically and creatively to make reasoned and informed judgments. Through engagement with contemporary and enduring questions of human concern, students will solve problems in ways that reflect the integration of knowledge across general and specialized studies, and they will demonstrate competence in information literacy and independent research.
Learning Goal 2. Effective communication
Students will read texts with comprehension and critical involvement, write effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences, speak knowledgeably, and listen with discernment and empathy.
Learning Goal 3. Reflection on Franciscan Concerns
Students will reflect on concerns central to Siena’s Franciscan heritage. By the time they complete the core curriculum, students will have engaged four concerns: Heritage, Diversity, Social Justice, and Nature.
Learning Goal 4. Scientific and Quantitative Inquiry
Students will demonstrate an understanding of scientific and quantitative methods of analysis. 
*All core disciplinary courses must address at least three of the four core learning goals.
*All Franciscan Concern courses must address Learning Goal 3 and two additional core learning goals.