Civic Engagement Camp FAQ

Q: What kind of summer camp activities will my child be doing?
A: Your child will be participating in workshops related to issue awareness and leadership training. He/she will then take the skills that he/she develops and use them in the community serving local organizations.

Q: What safety precautions are taken for high-risk activities?
A: There are no high-risk activities involved, however as a part of Siena’s campus, we have full access to Public Safety and necessary medical resources.

Q: How does your camp accommodate food allergies and special needs?
A: Please indicate necessary accommodations in your application and we will do our best to meet those needs.

Q: What is the average age level of the counselors?
A: College Age

Q: Is there any counselor supervision, or do they work in pairs?
A: Campers and counselors will never be one-on-one; the entire camp will always work in a group setting.

Q: Do the counselors have training or experience?
A: Yes, counselors will be at Siena for one month prior to the start of camp, participating in relevant training.

Q: What is your policy on parental visits, phone calls and faxes?
A: Our office encourages your participation.

Q: Can we schedule a visit to tour the grounds?
A: Absolutely, the majority of our days will be held on Siena’s campus, but in some afternoons, we will be at local nonprofit organization in Albany.

Q: Do you have any parental references I can call?
A: Yes, upon request.

More questions? Contact Camp Director, April Risley at or 518-782-6886.