Doreen A. Dedjoe


  Doreen A. Dedjoe

  Senior Research Analyst for Assessment and Outcomes

  Rosetti Hall Rm 206

  Office Phone: 518 783 4235


   M.A. Sociology, Western Illinois University '10


Ms. Doreen Dedjoe joined Siena College Education Department in 2011. She acquired professional applied research and management, assessment and evaluation, and measurement and analysis experience over the past ten years working in academic and non-governmental-(non-US) environments. Prior to Siena, she was a Survey Research Analyst for Western Illinois University’s Western Survey Research Center in Illinois. She assists the department in research and evaluation; program; standard-based performance measurement; assessment and accreditation; surveys; data systems development and management; unit/specialized professional education program reviews; and accreditation requirement and compliance, comprehensive data accountability reporting for continue assessment, accreditation, and quality improvement of the college, department, and teacher preparation/certification programs with a commitment to P-16 partnerships and inclusion.

Doreen is the departments’ NCATE/CAEP continue accreditation and specialized professional education program reviews coordinating and reporting contact person; engages in scholarly research for ongoing deliberations and continuous improvement initiatives; and assists the department in strategic assessment planning. She performs a variety of tasks, chief of them writing, authoring and publishing annual progress, technical institutional unit/program reports and statistics; leading and coordinating periodic department/program outcome assessment, and continue accreditation processes and cycle activities; and developing standardized, performance, and evidence-based assessment and evaluation tools with measures, metrics, and rubrics for the professional education programs among others. Doreen works closely with program and discipline faculty members in ongoing program reviews of our professional education programs for continue recognition of our programs and manages our databases and data portals. She holds a B.A. in Social Science with double major in Sociology and Economics from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. A member of American Sociological Association, Alpha Kappa Delta (International Sociology Honor Society), National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, and American Association for Public Opinion Research. Doreen enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her  husband and daughter.



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