Reduce the risk

Forcing or pressuring someone, without his or her consent, to engage in sexual contact is a crime.  NOTHING – not a previous relationship, not excessive use of alcohol, not a previous sexual involvement, not the way in which someone is dressed, nor incapacitation due to drugs – NOTHING gives one person the right to coerce or force another person into sexual contact without their explicit consent.  No one wants to be victimized or assaulted.
There are some things you can do to reduce the risk of sexual violence and prevent this from happening to you or your friends.
     ·         Use the “buddy” system – don’t go anywhere alone or allow a friend to go alone.
     ·         Have a signal worked out with friends ahead of time for check in and/or assistance.
     ·         Limit alcohol and drug use. They make it more difficult for you to be in control.
     ·         Pay attention to your “gut” – if you are uncomfortable for any reason – act on it. Don’t wait to react – leave, resist or intervene early.
     ·         Never ride with someone who has used alcohol or drugs.
     ·         Avoid meeting in secluded places and walking alone. If you are concerned, ask campus security to escort you.
     ·         Try to be aware of attitudes that your friends, classmates and dates express concerning women or men: hostility, unrealistic views of women or men and/ or viewing people as “sex objects.”
     ·         Use assertive language such as, “I am uncomfortable when you don’t listen to me and I don’t want you to touch me like that.”
     ·         Scream “fire” (rather than “rape” or “help”), if you need assistance.
     ·         Be alert to what is happening around you.