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Business Leaders Study

Since 2007 Siena Research Institute (SRI) has been conducting an annual survey of Upstate New York Business Leaders.  The Business Leaders Study measures the perceptions that business leaders have of the current and future business conditions for Upstate New York including: business leaders' confidence, expectations for revenues, profits, labor force and challenges for the year ahead.

Siena College: 7th Annual Upstate New York Business Leader Survey
CEO Confidence Up; Cautiously Optimistic on Revenue, Profit Growth; Capital Region Strongest Region
Half See Ample Supply of Trained Local Workers; Most Give Poor Grades to Job Applicants
Business Leaders Worry about Health Care Costs, Gov Regulation; Have Little Confidence in Albany, Less in D.C.
34% Support Tax-Free NY Plan; 2/3rds Dread Obamacare
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 Upstate New York Business Leaders Study