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  1. Provide an assessment tool for institutions of higher education to assess, on the institutional level, community engagement on the part of students.
  2. Generate individual-level data that will allow institutions to draw conclusions about student sub-sets, and the student body as a whole, for internal and external data needs like strategic planning, benchmarking, accreditation, etc...
  3. Create a national benchmark dataset for comparative analysis of community engagement in higher education (of students and of institutions).
NASCE Assessment Data:
This online, customizable, institution-specific assessment tool invites 100% of your undergraduate students to participate, and yields a representative view of your student body involvement in and attitudes toward service. Specific questions addressed:
  • What percentage of undergraduates engage in community service?
  • At what frequency and at what depth do students perform service?
  • What areas of need do students work to address through community service?
  • How important is service to the students?
  • How important do students believe service is to the institution?
  • How do students find out about service opportunities?
  • What structures exist or do not exist that lead to students performing community service?
  • What motivates students to serve?
  • What obstacles prevent students from performing service?
  • How do students perceive service performed through curricular engagement?
  1. Each participating institution will receive a Final Report complete with research findings, comparative analyses, and recommendations for your institution.  Additionally, schools will be provided with the Frequency Tables and Cross tabulations of the data for use in institutional planning and assessment as well as in application to outside funders and other outside entities such as the Carnegie Endowment.
  2. Participating institutions will receive a unique composite measure, “the Percent of the Possible” (POP), which combines students' rate, frequency, and depth of service into one easy-to-understand score.  An institution’s POP score allows the school to gauge their overall levels of community engagement (and compare their score to the rest of the sample) and understand the degree of their capacity to serve that is helping the community across nine service areas individually and cumulatively.
  3. In addition to comparing your institution's data to the rest of the sample, we will also provide data breakdowns comparing your school's results to similar schools within our sample.
Participation Details:
All institutions of higher education are invited to participate in the NASCE.  The first step is to contact Pete Cichetti at
 and set up an individuation analysis. 
Costs to participant institutions are as follows: