About Us

The David '73 and Christine Spicer '75 Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary program focused on business creation from idea development through commercialization.  The Center’s primary focus is on student businesses but with a secondary focus on outside business idea’s that can also engage student interest and learning.
The program will promote an enhanced student engagement through a strong academic foundation emphasizing dynamic faculty/alumni – student interaction inside and outside the classroom.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two necessary, but distinctly different capabilities needed in creating new businesses.  The Center will manage the maturation of an idea into a real business entity through a Process of Innovate-Create-Accelerate.
In our Innovate stage we focus on the creation of a culture of innovation with an interdisciplinary focus across all three schools of the college.  An Entrepreneur Student Organization is used a feeding system into the program. We will host an annual competition of ideas that the college then selects from to determine the business candidates to continue through the program.  Additionally, student innovation workshops will be held several times a year.
Our Create stage is where faculty, staff and alumni help nurture the idea into a business plan, create product/service alpha’s and beta’s and formalize the business entity.  Outside businesses accepted into the Center will come in at this stage and a decision will be made down the line on whether to accept them into the Acceleration phase.  In our Accelerate stage we will continue to evolve the business plan with a more robust strategy for the business, finalizing business model and create and execute on Go-To-Market plans.