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Voicemail Tips - Faculty, Staff and Students

Please check your voice mailbox when you return to campus, even if your light is not blinking. This will reset the light for future messages. During the summer, upgrades and/or outages, the voice mailbox lights may get pulled. This happens sporadically and we cannot control it. 
Also, because of moves and changes that happen over the summer, your phone line may have gotten pulled away from the wall or phone. If you have no dial-tone, please check all your connections to make sure they are tight. If you do have dial-tone issues, please call the Helpdesk at x6000.
  • To access the voicemail system from anywhere on campus, just dial 5555 and follow the prompts (students have a separate mailbox number other than their ‘extension number,’ so remember to press * and enter the mailbox number after dialing 5555). 
  • To access the system from any place off campus, just dial 782-5555.  You must be using a touch-tone phone in order to use voicemail. 
  • You will know you have voicemail if you hear a “broken” dial tone.  Students must remember that if there is more than one mailbox on their line, a broken dial tone could mean one or more of the roommates have voicemail. 


If you need your password reset, please call x4186.


Listed below are some tips on the voicemail system

  1. Getting to the end of a message quickly:  if you want to get to the end of a message quickly, press the 3 key twice.  This also works on “music” messages.
  2. Moving through the system faster:  You can skip through long-winded greetings and prompts by pressing the # key.  This lets you leave a message without listening to the sometimes long-winded greetings that people leave on their boxes.  Pressing # typically skips through many of the system prompts as well.
  3. Canceling:  In most cases, pressing the * key cancels whatever you are doing.
  4. Changing your outgoing message:  To change your message, after entering your password, press option 4.  Marsha does not list all the options, but option 4 is there!  Follow the prompts through Greetings to change your outgoing message, name, or to establish an extended absence message.
  5. Calling Voicemail directly:  To call someone without ringing their phone directly from on campus, dial 3555, wait for the “Welcome to Siena College…” message and enter the person’s extension number.
  6. Who called:  If someone leaves you a voicemail from on campus but does not leave their phone number, press 8 when the message is over.  This gives you the information on the message.  This does not work for messages left from outside callers.
  7. Forwarding a Message:  To send a message you just heard to someone else, press 6 after the message is over.  Marsha will ask you to record a greeting and then enter the mailbox destination.  If you don’t know the person’s mailbox number, you can use the option to spell-by-name.  Remember to follow Marsha’s instructions – if you don’t hit the pound key when you’re done, the message won’t be sent!
  8. Using Spell-By-Name:  If you need to find someone on campus, call x2300.  Follow the instructions for using the spell-by-name directory.  Please be advised that some faculty, students and staff are blocked and you will not be able to reach them this way.
  9. Are you tired of hearing Marsha? Does she give you tips when you’ve already heard them? Press the # key. That will take you to the end of her speech. The # key lets you skip over most options on voice mail. The * key will cancel what you are doing.
  10.  Music messages happen when someone doesn’t hang up completely and then you hear the voice mail music. If you receive a music message, press 3-3 to get to the end of it and then 7 to delete it. Pressing 3-3 during any message will always take you right to the end.
  11. Pressing 2 when you are listening to a message allows you to pause it. Press 2 again to restart.


Remember, voicemail is not designed as an archival system.  All messages will be deleted after 30 days unless you listen to them and re-save them.  After 30 days, if you do not listen to the messages, you will only receive a notice that there was a message in your box.  You may have only 15 messages in your voicemailbox before your box becomes full (the caller will be told your box is full).  Note that the maximum number of messages is the same whether the messages are short or long.  If someone leaves you an important message that you want to refer to months later, you are advised to write the message down and not rely on voicemail to save it for months!

Please be advised that once you delete a message, it cannot be retrieved.