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Science Websites

See the School of Science homepage for a description of Siena's programs.

Metasites (Websites)

Science Research--search engine designed to search across over 300 websites in real time.

Scirus--most comprehensive research tool on the web for scientific information"gateway to connecting national and international scientific databases and portals"

General Websites

Counterbalance--"offering new views on complex issues from science, ethics, philosophy, and religion. Here you'll find extensive resources on the evolution/creation controversy, biomedical ethical challenges, and much more."

FAOSTAT--from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  Provides information relating to food and agriculture for over 200 countries including information on forestry, fisheries, land use, irrigation and the use of fertilizers and pesticides.  To gain full access to the information on the site, registration is required.

New England Complex Systems Institute--independent institution using complex systems to address today's world.  Provides overview of what complex systems are. website

TOXNET--"Databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases."  From the National Library of Medicine.

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students--from Penn. State

Online magazines (focusing on general science topics)

Audubon Magazine

Science Daily

Science Nation--weekly online magazine from the National Science Foundation

Science News

Multimedia-specific Websites

NASA Multimedia Page

National Science Foundation

Nature Online Video Streaming Archive

Science360 (from the NSF)

Science: Multimedia--podcasts from Science magazine's multimedia page

Vega Science Trust Videos--non-profit organization developed platform to broadcast videos related to the STEM disciplines.  Based out of the U.K.



A list of databases relevant to the Sciences.


Remember to check CYRIL, the Siena Library catalog, for other resources.