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Deleting E-mail

Outlook Web Access gives you plenty of opportunity to change your mind after deleting an e-mail message.  You can retrieve it from your Deleted Items folder, since it remains there until you empty that.  Even if you empty Deleted Items, it is still possible to retrieve messages for a couple of weeks.

This has advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantage:  If you delete a message, there's a good chance you can retrieve it.
  • Disadvantage: The messages count against your mail quota until they're automatically removed.  You will sometimes need to permanently delete the files to get under quota.

Deleted Items Folder

The Deleted Items folder shows up on your list of folders.  Whenever you delete a message, it is automatically moved to there.  If you accidentally deleted a message, click on "Deleted Items" in Outlook Web Access.  Find the message you want and drag it to your Inbox.

To empty the folder:

  • Right click on the words "Deleted Items" in Outlook.
  • Click on "Empty Deleted Items"
  • You will be asked if you want to permanently delete the items in the folder.  Click on "Yes."  (Despite the question, the items are not permanently deleted.  See Recover Deleted Items below)

Recover (and permanently delete) Deleted Items

The recovery information is on the "Options" bar at the lower left of the screen.


Click on this, and a list of options will display.  Scroll down to the bottom.  You will see "Recover Deleted Items"

Recover Deleted Items

Click on "View Items."  A window will display showing the items.

View Deleted Items

Click on the items you want to recover or delete, then click on either "Recover" or "Permanently Delete."  "Recover" will move items back into the "Deleted Items" folder, where you can drag and drop them to your Inbox.  "Permanently Delete" will remove the items completely for the system -- useful if you're over quota.