Apply to Be a Bonner

Welcome to the Siena Bonner Service Leaders Program, a nationally recognized academic community engagement service scholarship program inspired by the life of Saint Francis. We are so excited to have you as a prospective member of our team, committed to working together to "build a world that is more just, peaceable and humane."


  • Participate in 8-10 hours of service per week
  • Serve at the same community agency for the duration of their college career
  • Become specialists at their agency as well as within the issue area they are serving
  • Receive AmeriCorps term awards of up to $2,675 every two years. These awards can be used for graduate school or to pay back undergraduate student loans
  • Attend weekly trainings to acquire leadership and professional development skills
  • Integrate their academics and service through the Academic Cornerstone Track
  • Attend national conferences
  • Participate in national and international service
  • Culminate their journey in a Senior Capstone Experience
  • National/international internships in service


INCOMING FRESHMEN: The Siena Bonner Service Leaders Program recruits incoming freshman in the spring before their freshman year. Students are invited to apply in February, with applications typically due in March. Successful finalists will be offered an interview and decisions are made in April. Students who are deferred admittance in this recruitment will be considered for our Fall recruitment.

CURRENT SIENA STUDENTS: Current students may apply for admission into the program in late September, early October. The program seriously considers faculty and staff nominations at this time. Additionally, students who were not selected through prior admission cycles are welcome to reapply. Students looking for admission outside recruiting periods are encouraged to contact Siena Bonner staff for more information.


  • Work Study: Accepted incoming freshman receive additional support bringing their work-study total to $2,000 per year. These funds may be used towards the time spent in their community placement during the academic year.
  • AmeriCorps: All Siena Bonners enroll in AmeriCorps terms. Once successful in their term, members receive an AmeriCorps Education Award every two years. Most freshman complete 1800 hours (eight to ten hours a week) over four years, earning up to $5,550 for eligible undergraduate school loans or graduate school tuition. Education Awards are available for use for seven years.
  • Therefore, collectively, Siena Bonner Service Leaders could earn up to $13,350 in financial support if successful in the program for four years.