Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attendance is an estimate of the total amount it will cost a student to attend Siena for a year (before financial aid is deducted). It includes an estimate of tuition and fees, housing and food for the period of enrollment, books and supplies for education, personal and transportation expenses and loan fees. The Cost of Attendance is estimated by Siena College in accordance with federal regulations.

The Siena College Board of Trustees has approved the following cost of attendance for new students for the 2014-2015 academic year. 

Full-Time Tuition (12-16 cred/sem (1)) $32,043
Student Activity Fee $250
Laundry Fee $90
First Year Seminar Fee $160
Freshman Orientation Charge(2) $340
Standard Room $7,700
Board (19 meals/week) $5,360
Major Lab Fees (3)(4) -
Subtotal of Siena Direct Costs $45,943


Books and Supplies $1,291
Personal Expenses & Transportation $2,165
Average Stafford Loan Fees $70
Subtotal of Indirect Costs $3,526
Estimated Total Costs $49,469
(1) Students Enrolled for More than 16 credits/semester are assessed a $500/credit hour charge

(2) Freshman Orientation Charge = $220 + Academic Advising Fee $95 + Transcript Fee $25 = $340

(3) Average Science Lab Fees = $1,030
(4) Average Business Lab Fees = $160