Refund Policies

Any student who withdraws from the college, drops a class, or drops from full to part-time status is subject to the following refund schedule for tuition charges:


 Through the first day of each semester 100%
 Two weeks or less 80%
 Three weeks 60%
 Fours weeks 40%
 Five weeks 20%
 Over five weeks 0%

Summer Tuition Refunds are determined by the class schedule and refund rules are listed in the summer schedule distributed by Academic Affairs.  Siena College offers optional tuition insurance through A.W.G. Dewars. If you choose to purchase this optional coverage, this would supplement the College's refund policy.  For more information, please contact A.W.G. Dewars at 617-774-1555 or
For housing and meal plan refunds or adjustments, please refer to your housing contract.

Credit Balance Refunds:

Any over payment on the students account will be refunded upon written request.  No refunds will be issued without a written request.  All refunds will be payable to the student unless the student requests otherwise in writing.  Refund requests must be submitted to the Office of Business Services by Wednesday at noon in order to receive a check on Friday.  Checks are available for pick up after 3PM each Friday.  This may be adjusted for holidays.  Requests can be made by mail, fax to 518-786-5004 or email to or in person in the Office of Business Services in the Sarazen Student Union.