Tuition, Fees, Room & Board

Cost of Attendance 2014 - 15 Academic Year:

Students are billed by semester.  Semester bills are determined by the students registration and the housing and meal plan options that they have selected.  The semester bill is due by the semester's due date to avoid late fees or penalties.  Fall 2014 bills are due on August 20, 2014, and Spring 2015 bills are due on January 7, 2015.  Bills are available online through our Student Account Center (SAC) at  No paper bills are mailed; all bills are found online.  Bills will also be available online on a monthly basis itemizing any additional charges or payments received.  These will be due by the due date listed on the statement. 



Academic Year

Per Semester

Tuition for 12 to 16 Credit Hours  


     Undergraduate Tuition, Full-Time $32,043.00 $16,021.50
     Graduate Tuition, Full-Time 




Tuition per Credit Hour for 1 to 11 Credit Hours or for Each Hour

in Excess of 16 Credit Hours





Full-Time Fee (Mandatory):    
     Student Activity Fee



Part-Time Registration Fee  


Transcript Fee (First Time/New Students)  


Laundry Fee - Residents Only



Housing - Standard Room



Housing - Padua Hall



Housing - Townhouses



Housing - MacClosky Renovated



Housing - MacClosky Single



Housing - New Dorm Double



Housing - New Dorm Single



Housing - Fiddlers Lane



Meal Plan - Standard



Meal Plan - Enhanced



Meal Plan - Premium



Meal Plan - Townhouses




***Additional lab fees will be charged based on the student’s registration 

***Additional tuition will be charged for full-time students registered for over 16 credit hours, at the per credit hour rate

Account details and billing statements can be accessed online through the SAC at  If you want your parents or others to view this information, you will need to invite them through the SAC to be an authorized user on your account.

Please contact the Office of Business Services if there are any questions at 518-783-2317, fax 518-786-5004 or