Academic Scholarships Renewal

Awards based on merit, without regard to financial need, such as the Presidential Scholarship, Franciscan Scholarship and Siena Humanities in Medicine Scholarship, are automatically renewed by the Financial Aid Office each year, provided the student earns a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.1. Scholarships are evaluated on an annual basis at the end of the academic year, not on a term-by-term basis. 

Appeal Process

Students in LibraryStudents not meeting the required  3.1 cumlative GPA will be contacted by the Financial Aid Office and informed that they have not met the renewal criteria for their academic scholarship.

There may be extenuating circumstances that impacted the student's ability to meet this requirement. In these instances, the student may appeal the decision. To do so, he/she must submit a letter addressed to the Financial Aid Committee. The letter should outline the special or extenuating circumstances that prevented him/her from realizing the academic requirement, the action plan that will be taken to achieve the required GPA, and/or any other information about the situation that should be considered.

Students can submit their completed appeal to the Finanical Aid Office by emailing it to