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Current Working Papers and Research Projects

Girard E. and K. Hassan. "Faith-Based Ethical Investing: The Case of Dow Jones Islamic Indexes" Under review at the Financial Review. 

Girard, E., Sinha A. and R. Biswas." The Efficacy of Conditional Cost of Carry Models in Pricing Oil Futures" Under review at the Review of Futures Markets.

Girard, E. and A. Sinha. "Bank Risk  in  Emerging Capital Markets"

Girard, E. and F. Zhao. "On the Evaluation of Chinese Firms’ Cost of Equity"

Girard, E. and A. Sinha. "Country risk premiums."

Girard, E. and K. Hassan. " Study of an Islamic Investing Incubator: Malaysia "

Girard, E. and A. Sinha. " Causality and Predictability among Consumption Commodity Futures Contracts: A Tick Data Analysis.

Girard, E. "Emerging Market Risks: Local Beta Resurrection?"

Battiste***, P. and E. Girard. A Reexamination of the Currency-Capital Markets Spillovers between Japan and the U.S. .

*** Student


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