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Certificate in Risk Management

The Certificate in Risk Management is designed to give students additional
practical knowledge in the area of modern financial techniques that actuaries
will find useful during their career. The courses contained will provide additional
background for topics covered in several of the ensuing actuarial exams
encountered during their career. Students who complete this certificate
should have the ability to pass both Exam 1/P and Exam 2/FM with a modicum
of extra preparation.

A student who chooses to attain the certificate in risk management will
develop (1) a strong mathematical background stemmed in current treatment
of classical mathematics, (2) a firm understanding of applied mathematics via
statistical analysis, (3) a practical sense of how these mathematics are used in
business to solve problems, (4) a fundamental knowledge of economic theory
and (5) an understanding of finance theory and the role of finance within the
firm; and will understand how risks are identified, explored and ultimately
managed through the use of modern financial instruments.

Course Requirements:  

Students interested in the Certicate in Risk Management should contact Dr. John O'Neill at or call (518)783-2386.