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  • HEOP (Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program)
    Siena Hall - Room 402
    515 Loudon Rd.
    Loudonville, NY 12211-1462
    Phone:  (518) 783-2352
    Fax:  (518) 786-5005

HEOP Graduates

Siena's HEOP graduates are very successful...

YuriySiena College is proud to have one of the best HEOP programs in the state of New York.  Siena's HEOP students graduate at a rate higher than both state and national averages.  HEOP at Siena helps you make the most of your college experience and prepares you for a lifetime of personal success. 

Here are just a few examples of our successful graduates and some comments they have about the program:

Tariq Seraj (Class of 2010), Doctor of Pharmacy Program, Buffalo, NY
---"HEOP not only allowed me to attend a school like Siena, it gave me the ability to succeed in my endeavors."

 Perla Terrero (Class of 2007), Human Resources, Nestle USA, California 
---"HEOP is a great program that helps students grow academically, socially and emotionally."

Sabra-Joi Dingman (Class of 2005), Assistant Director of Outreach Programs, Albany, NY.    
---"Without HEOP I would not have been able to pursue higher education.  My life and the lives of my family have been changed forever."

Dixelia Lopez (Class of 1999), School Psychologist, Albany, NY.
---"I was once told that I have one chance at life; with only one chance to accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish, and one chance to become who I wanted to become.  HEOP gave me that chance."

Stephanie C. Russell (Class of 1999), Junior Accountant, New York, NY
 ---"HEOP helped me get into a great college.   The HEOP staff was very helpful and supportive with choosing classes and getting through day-to day living and with adjusting to my new environment."

Andrea Logan (Class of 1998), 
Credit Analyst, New York, NY.
 ---"HEOP actually was the beginning of my life! Without this program I believe my life would have turned into something much less productive.  HEOP gave me the opportunity to prove my  potential and instilled in me a belief of not being a statistic, but a success story; a success story without boundaries and doubt."

Tasha Alston (Class of 1995), Social Worker, Atlanta, GA.
 ---"HEOP helped me to achieve my life long goal of obtaining a college degree.  HEOP is a blessing and an opportunity of a lifetime."

Eric Rodriguez  (Class of 1993), Deputy Vice President, Office of Research, Advocacy and Legislation for National Council of LaRaza, Washington, D.C.
 ---"HEOP is a doorway to success and a chance at fulfilling a dream."

Benjamin Velazquez (Class of 1993), Bank Vice President, and Chair of Siena College's Board of Associate Trustees, New York, NY.
 ---"The HEOP Office was my family away from home."

If you are from New York State and would like information about HEOP, either call (518) 783-2352, or email HEOPadmissions@siena.edu