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Course Offerings

FREN—025. Modern French Novel in Translation 3 credits
The course examines representative works from Proust to the present day and provides discussion of each author’s ideas of basic modern problems in English. No knowledge of French language is required. May not be used as part of French major or minor. (ATTR: ARTS, CAL)
FREN—026. French Literature in Translation 3 credits
A study of selected masterworks of French literature from its medieval beginnings through the twentieth century, including novels, short stories, drama and poetry, read in English translation. No knowledge of French language is required. May not be used as part of French major or minor. (ATTR: ARTS, CAL)
**FREN—027. French Cinema 3 credits
A study of selected contemporary French language films (subtitled) with focus on the films’ artistic expression and psychological, social, his­torical, and cultural content. Course taught in English. No prerequisites. (ATTR: ARTS, CAA, GLST)
FREN—101. Fundamentals of French I 3 credits
The study of French pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and compo­sition with supplementary reading in the language. (ATTR: ARTS)
FREN—102. Fundamentals of French II 3 credits
A continuation of FREN—1 01. Prerequisite: FREN—1 01 or equiv­alent. (ATTR: ARTS)
FREN—201. Intermediate French I 3 credits
A thorough review of the structures of the French language, supple­mented by selected readings. Emphasis will be placed on the oral aspect of the language. Prerequisite: FREN—1 01 and 102 or evidence of having successfully completed at least two years’ study of French on the secondary level. (ATTR: ARTS)
FREN—202. Intermediate French II 3 credits
A continuation of FREN—201. Prerequisite: FREN—201. (ATTR: ARTS)
FREN—301. French Conversation I 3 credits
This course is intended for those students who have a good knowl­edge of written French but who have had limited opportunity to hear and speak it. Class work will consist of building the vocabulary of everyday speech with a view towards an active vocabulary and giving confidence in oral expression. Prerequisites: FREN—201 and 202 or equivalent. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP)
FREN—302. French Conversation II 3 credits
A continuation of the work of French Conversation I but with stress upon more complicated structures, more extensive and specialized vocab­ularies. The aim is to prepare the student for increased ease and ability to carry on day-to-day activities in French. Prerequisites: FREN—201 and 202, or equivalent. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP)
FREN—310. Advanced French Conversation 3 credits
Advanced oral work through class discussion of selected topics and creation of dialogues. Intensive pronunciation work. Prerequisite: FREN— 301 and 302 or permission of instructor. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP)
FREN—330. French Civilization 3 credits
A survey of the factors and forces that made Modern French Civilization. Prerequisite: FREN—301. (ATTR: ARTS, GLST, ISP)
FREN—340. Civilization of Québec 3 credits
A study of Québec, through its history, geography, arts and literature, political, and social structures. A visit to the province of Québec is required. Taught in French. Prerequisite: FREN—301 or equivalent. (ATTR: ARTS, GLST, ISP)
FREN—360. Introduction to French Literature 3 credits
Reading and analysis of texts of different genres, which will be selected primarily from the works of modern French authors. In order to develop further the oral skills, class discussions will be conducted in French. Prerequisite: FREN—301 or equivalent. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP, FRLT)
FREN—370. Introduction to French Drama 3 credits
This course constitutes an introduction to French Literature through the medium of the Drama. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP, FRLT)
FREN—380. The Short Story 3 credits
This course introduces the student to French literature through the medium of one of its most important genres.With an important emphasis on oral work on the part of the student, the course will be conducted in French. Prerequisites: FREN—301. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP, FRLT)
FREN—401. Survey of French Literature I 3 credits
The course demonstrates the evolution of major themes in French lit­erature in all genres from their origins to the beginnings of modern times. Prerequisites: FREN—301. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP, FRLT)
FREN—402. Survey of French Literature II 3 credits
An introduction to French writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Included are examples of short story, poetry, and drama. Prerequisites: FREN—301. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP, FRLT)
FREN—410. Advanced Grammar and Composition 3 credits
A systematic presentation of the more complex points of French grammar. An application of these grammatical principles will be demon­strated through extensive written exercises, including translations and orig­inal compositions. Prerequisite: FREN—301. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP)
FREN—495. Independent Study in French 1 - 3 credits
A student taking a major or minor in French may work independently on a topic of special interest. The student consults with the professor with whom he/she decides on a study that will permit a definite accomplish­ment by the end of the semester. This study must be approved by the department head and the dean. In a term paper or essay he/she is expected to demonstrate familiarity with the tools basic to his/her study and an awareness of the methods appropriate to pursuing his/her interest. (ATTR: ARTS, ISP)


** This course is taught in English. It fulfills a core requirement but does not fulfill a foreign Language requirement.