FAQs for Athletics

What Division is Siena?
All of Siena's intercollegiate sports are Division I in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.


What sports are offered at Siena?
Siena has 18 Division I sports.


Can I play intramurals or club sports?
Yes, Siena students have many opportunities to play sports outside of the Division I level. Club and intramural sports are an integral part of student life.


How do I contact the coaches?
You may write a letter, send a tape, or email the coaches before July 1 at the end of your Junior year. After July 1, you may phone the coaches. 


When do I contact the coaches?
The earlier, the better. You may write the coaches at any time. You may contact the coaches by phone after July 1 at the end of your Junior year of high school. 


Where can I find more information about intercollegiate sports?
The NCAA organization is your best bet. There are many rules and regulations that coaches and students have to follow. The Guide for the College-bound Student Athlete has great information.