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Account Request Form


Information Technology Services

This form establishes, alters or deletes accounts and access rights only.
This is not a request for any equipment or software.

 * - indicates a required field.

Section 1 - Employee Information

 * Full Name:  
 * SID # :  
 Employment Status:
  Start Date:  
* Title & Department:    
   Building & Room Number   

 Is this person replacing someone?

      If yes, name of employee they are replacing.


 Will this employee have a telephone assigned to them?

     If yes is there a current number that will be assigned?

 Should this employee have a voice mailbox?
  If Yes, will this mailbox be the only one associated
with this phone number?
 * Will this employee make long distance calls?

Section 2 - Mailboxes and Network Access  *** Email / Banner section***

 Will this person have an email / network access account?
 Is this employee expected to utilize Banner?
If Yes, what Banner files and or functional systems does this
person need access to?
Budget / Purchasing files (list FOAPALS):  
Will this employee require a jobsub directory?
Personal directories are only required for running population-selection / letter generation functions. 

Email - Shared Mailbox / Folder

Is a shared mailbox requested?
 Does the shared mailbox exist?
 Existing share mailbox name?  
 If new shared mailbox, what is the requested name:  
 If new shared mailbox, please list all the users to have access:  
 Is a shared drive / folder requested?
 Which drive / folder name is access needed to:  
 Who currently has access to this folder?  

 Email / Distribution List

 Which distribution list will this employee be part of?  

 Email / Guest Accounts

 Date Guest account begins:  
 Date Guest account ends:  

Section 3 - Transfers or Promotions

If the employee is moving from another position at Siena, compete this section.

 Previous Department  
 Previous Banner permissions  
 Previous FOAPALs  
 Previous phone number  
 Please complete Section 1 with new position information. 

Section 4 - Separated Employees

Maintaining security of our information systems requires that all accounts for separated employees (retirees, voluntary resignations, terminations) be secured immediately upon the separation of the employee and deleted 30 days after the separation.  At minimum, the passwords on these accounts must be changed.
Date of separation:  
Telephone number:  
Network Username:  
Banner Username:  


Section 5 - Additional Information

Please enter any additional information we may need to know in the space provided below.

Section 6 - Signature

Access to various files and functions require approval of specific individuals.  By submitting this form, the position requestor is authorizing ITS to seek approval from the appropriate individual(s) for the file and / or function access when such approval is needed.
Department Supervisor:  Ext. #: 
Department Supervisor's email:  
A help desk ticket will be completed in the name of the Department Head / Dean submitting the form.