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Coat of Arms, Germany

Why study German?

      For general language literacy:
  • German is spoken by 100 million people worldwide
  • German is the most commonly used language on the Internet after English
  • German is one of the languages of the European Union.
  • German is the second most commonly used language for scholarly publications worldwide.
For science research:
  • 40% of scientists in the U.S. recommend the study of German.
For business:
More than 1,100 companies of German-speaking countries have subsidiaries in the U.S. – Germany is a strong business partner in the global economy:
    • Germany is the most important trading partner for almost all European and many non-European partners.
    • Germany is the United State's fifth largest trading partner after Canada, Japan, Mexico and China.
    • More than 750 companies in the United States do business in Germany
    • Germans have one of the highest per capita incomes of the world.
    • Germany is the largest market in Europe and the third largest market worldwide for telecommunication products.


Helpful Weblinks for German

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