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Class of $20.12 Giving Back

Class of $20.12 Giving Back

By Tatiana Medina

    A cutting-edge environment is what the Class of 2012 plans to leave behind.  The Senior Class Gift provides the Senior Class with the opportunity to get involved, leave behind a legacy, and give back to the college.  “How?” is a very important question that many students continue asking.  How are we giving back? How are we being remembered? How is the gift selected? How can we get involved?

    In recognition of the importance the Senior Class Gift offers, the Senior Class Committee, composed of seniors and first created last year by Jacob Hill, has been working hard to succeed the seniors’ class goal!  A new building, the Center for Social Justice, is being constructed to expand the Education, Social Work, and Sociology Departments, now that these departments keep expanding but there are no areas on campus for the students and faculty to socialize or work on projects in.  The Class of 2012 aims to raise $10,000 dedicated for a lounge in the first floor.  The goal is to enhance the lounge so it can be known as a friendly location for students and professors to gather in, becoming the cutting-edge learning environment of Siena College. 

    Everyone has to come together in order to reach that goal, and as always a significant amount of money has to be raised to make it happen.  The gift giving opportunities come from what the college needs rather than what the students necessarily ask for.  This explains why this year the Senior Class Committee agreed that the best way to leave behind a legacy would be with a new lounge for the Center for Social Justice.  Besides the construction donation, the naming opportunity is another great way for the class to be remembered by.  More personalized, the naming opportunity allows the students to purchase a plaque which will be located in the Center for Social Justice.  What many people fail to know is that the gift of donation is cumulative throughout the year; therefore, if you donated before you can still acquire a plaque. Helping improve the college is always an important reason for why giving back is important. 

    Already, the Senior Class Committee has been working hard to reach their goal.  They gave the Class of 2012 the chance to return early and engage in the Senior Gift Kick-off Party.  The Kick-off Party raised $4,700 toward the Senior Class Gift.  Currently, the class has raised a little over $5,000, which means that if every senior contributes in giving at least $20.12, the goal will be reached.  The Class of 2012 is doing a tremendous job in making the construction of a new lounge to be a success.  As Jacob Hill states, “we want an environment where students and professors can work outside the classroom to sit down and lounge in a relaxed friendly setting to engage in conversation.”  Besides the student involvement toward the construction, the Senior Class Gift educates students on why philanthropy is important as it changes the lives of students drastically.


2012 Senior Class Gift: Contributing funds to the

construction of a new academic building to house the

sociology, social work, and education programs.

2012 Senior Class Goal: $10,000

Amount raised as of 2/12: $5,200

Last year’s amount raised: $8,150 (2011)

2011 campaign: Raised money to help establish the Center for Revolutionary Era Studies

Past campaigns: scholarships, campus beautification

projects, building projects

First Senior Gift: 1968

Amount raised since then: $300,000+

Giving Levels: 1. Gold Dome Level of $100 to name a plaque, 2. The Saint Level of $50, 3. The Senior Level of $20.12, 4. Any other gift amount of your choice.

Why donate: To be a part of your class legacy.  Think of all the opportunities Siena has offered you! Why wouldn’t you want to help improve your college?

Who can donate: Anyone! Students, family, friends,

professors, etc.

How to donate: Go to and follow the steps

Who to contact: E-mail the