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Delta Sigma Pi's LEAD Conference

Delta Sigma Pi’s LEAD Conference

By Jennifer Steller


Siena’s chapter of Delta Sigma Pi attended and helped plan a Leadership Excellence Academies for Deltasigs (LEAD) Conference, which took place at the Albany Marriott on November 4th and 5th.


Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed business fraternity, meaning there are male and female members, all of whom are called Brothers. There are 300 chapters of Delta nationwide, as well as many others at international colleges. All together, there will be a projected half a million members by the year 2014. Siena’s chapter, with over twenty members, plans many community service and social events through the course of the year, including this fall’s LEAD conference.


The LEAD conference has been held in many different cities over the years and is organized on the provincial level. Siena’s chapter is in the same province as five other schools, which include: the University at Albany, the University at Buffalo, Cornell University, Syracuse University, and the University at Binghamton. While designed as a provincial conference, it was also open to Brothers from any college and one of the participants was actually all the way from London, England.


Delta Sigma Pi partnered with UAlbany’s Zeta Psi to make this conference a success. Brothers from Siena helped plan many aspects of the conference. For example, Siena Deltasigs organized a list of local attractions in Albany, so that visiting brothers, who had never been to this city before, knew the best places to go for whatever they need. Delta Sigma Pi also designed and sold t-shirts for the conference and helped plan a fundraising event, both of which were great successes.


Delta Sigma Pi President and senior Renee Benedetti as well as Delta Sigma Pi Historian and sophomore Sarah Michalka explained the outline of the conference. On Friday, November 4th participants took part in a networking event, which allowed Brothers to meet their peers from other academies and get to know future and current leaders in the field of business. At the fundraiser, held on Saturday November 5th, Brothers chose from among several concurrent break-out sessions they would attend. These sessions centered on leadership development and professional growth.


All in all, the conference was a great success. The majority of the Siena’s Deltasigs were in attendance and gained a lot of experience and knowledge from the conference. According to Michalka, one of the great things about being in Delta Sigma Pi is that members are given the “opportunity to go to national events like LEAD, It shows that it is not just about our school, it is much bigger than that.” For Benedetti, it is also great that Brothers are exposed to a lot of professionalism, providing them “a great insight into the real world.”


Spring pledging for Delta Sigma Pi will begin next semester. Membership is open to business majors only, who are either in their freshman or sophomore year here at Siena. With this LEAD conference over, Benedetti, Michalka, and the other brothers of Siena’s chapter of Delta Sigma Pi are looking forward to the next provincial conference in Philadelphia as well as all the other events that this fraternity helps organize and run around campus.