Criminal Justice at Siena

Learning a professional approach to societal problems

Minor offered


Criminal, legal and ethical challenges have evolved and followed population growth, technology advancements and globalization to continue as key challenges for society. Students in the minor explore justice issues, factors relating to incidence of crime, theoretical explanations of why crime occurs and the implications for effective crime control.
The Criminal Justice minor at Siena provides a broad-based, multi-disciplinary education that can be applied to many careers that address those challenges:
  • Law
  • Corrections
  • Parole/probation
  • Federal law enforcement
  • State and local law enforcement
  • Environmental protection
  • Drug enforcement
  • Security
  • Courts
  • Forensic science and psychology
The Criminal Justice program also addresses how the criminal justice system operates in contemporary American and acquaints students with crime and justice issues throughout the world. Students gain valuable work experience through relevant internships, and many continue their education by attending graduate and professional schools.