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Computer Science Websites

See the Computer Science Department  homepage for a description of Siena's program.

Metasites (Websites)

CED Magazine
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
EContent Magazine
Ethics in Computing
Netlingo: Online Dictionary about the Internet
Stanford University EE Useful Links
TechWeb: Techencyclopedia
The WWW Virtual Library
The XML toolkit
Wired Magazine

Government Information

National Center for Computational Sciences
National Science Foundation Computer and Information Science & Engineering 


American National Standards Institute
Center for Women and Information Technology
Computing and Computer Science
Developers Shed
Document Center Homepage
International Organization for Standardization
National Information Standards Organization
Numerical Recipes

Technical Reports & Tools

Computing Research Repository
Networket Computer Science Technical Reference Library (NCSTRL)
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

Web Design

A List Apart--online magazine that explores "the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices."
Universal Usability
Web Design References


Professional Associations and Societies

ACM: Association for Computing Machinery

Databases E-print Archive
CiteSeer Locates and indexes research papers
Computer Science Bibliography from Germany-based FIZ Karlsruhe

A list of Siena College databases relevant to Computer Science.

Computer Science Journals

Use when you have a citation and want to know if Siena has the journal.

Siena's print and electronic journals for Computer Science.

Remember to check CYRIL, the Siena Library catalog, for other resources.