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Papal Bull

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Papal Bull of Innocent IV approving the Breviary of The Friars Minor





D1994 Papal Bull of Innocent IIII
Document on vellum
Rome, 20 June 1244
Ex-collection J. Paul Getty Museum


In the year 1244
Innocent P.P. IIII
Approves the Breviary of the Friars Minor and removes the obligation from them when
they will have said the Divine Office with those not belonging to the community, of saying their own (office).

For Your College (Community)
Given at Civitas Castellana
20 June in the first year of (his) pontificate


Innocent bishop servant of the servants of god, to (his) beloved sons, to the minister
general and to all the brothers of the order of fhrs minor (who are) going to look at the
present letter, greetings and apostolic blessing. On behalf of our college which treasures with pleasure for itself the treasure of a quiet conscience, we grant that (to be of) worthy favor which banishes disturbance of the mind from it and arranges itself in calmness of spirit and so, influenced by the prayers of your devotion so that you may be forever satisfied with the observance of the modern divine office which you ought to celebrate with the exception of the Psalter since it has been corrected by you with care in your breviaries in accordance with the statue of your rule in conformity with the custom of the Roman church, also so that if some of you celebrating with others are present at the divine office then that may suffice for them and they may not at all be held to saying their own office. We grant this to you by the authority of (those) present. Therefore let it be permitted to no man in any way to infringe this proclamation of our grant or to anyone, having grown bold, to contravene it. If anyone, however, will have presumed to attempt this, let him know that he shall incur the indignation of almighty god and of his blessed apostles Peter and Paul.

Given at Civitatemcastellana 20 June in the first year of our pontificate.