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Standish Library Reference Services Policy


This policy states the goals, objectives, and guidelines for the provision of reference services in the Siena College Library.

The reference librarians seek to provide the highest level of professional service to the faculty, students, and staff of the College in their scholarly research and work.  Reference assistance will also be provided to visitors to the campus.

Although there are many other places where reference encounters take place--in the stacks, in offices, at other service desks--the primary contact should be the reference desk since the librarian on-duty has the service as his/her primary function at that time.

  • Provide direct, one-on-one reference assistance and guidance while at the reference desk.  The librarian does this by providing specific answers to questions by use of the library's materials and resources, referrals to other experts on the staff or in the College, via interlibrary loan, or by suggestions to use libraries that may be more suited to the query.  More in-depth research assistance requiring extensive work with the student or faculty member may be done more appropriately on an appointment basis.
  • Instruct students and faculty in the use of the library and its services, help them clarify their information needs, show them how to access and use the print and electronic sources.
  • Provide brief directional assistance to the library's materials, services, and facilities.
  • Assist in maintaining an up-to-date and relevant collection of print and electronic resources by recommending purchases to the Reference Service Coordinator and/or Acquisitions Librarian.
  • Record accurate statistics.

The reference desk will be staffed by full-time and adjunct librarians with the Master's degree.  Occasionally, an intern from a library school who has completed or is enrolled in the basic reference course will provide reference service under the supervision of the librarian on duty at the time.  The Reference and Electronic Services Coordinator is responsible for scheduling the reference desk hours.

Patrons are served on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of whether it is a student, faculty member, or administrator.  A person at the desk should receive priority over those calling on the phone.  Although we welcome the opportunity to serve non-Siena people, this service should not interfere with the primary goal of service to the College community.