Peer Tutoring

Being a tutor can provide a student with an excellent opportunity to help other students with their class work so they too can excel in their education at Siena. Tutoring is not only a worthy service students can give to their community, but also a great way for them to establish themselves as responsible and caring individuals. As a peer tutor, a student will tutor other students in a course or courses they have already completed at Siena.  Student tutors are paid by Siena College for their services, however this service is provided free to Siena students.

In order to work as a tutor, you must have earned a B+ or better in the particular course(s) you wish to tutor in, and you must also maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. If you have never worked at Siena before, you will need to fill out the required paperwork (state and federal employment eligibility forms) prior to being paid for your service.

Please contact the Tutoring Office at 782-5769 or e-mail to initiate the employment process. Download the Tutor Application Form and return it to Siena Hall 215. You will be contacted shortly.