AP & IB Courses and Equivalents


International Baccalaureate Higher Level examinations will be reviewed for credit for scores of 5 or better. No credit is awarded for Standard Level examinations.

Courses are recommended to the appropriate school Dean for acceptance as transfer credit, on a course-by-course basis, to a maximum of 30 credits.

The College Board Advanced Placement Program offers 37 courses in 22 disciplines. Each course is developed by a committee composed of college faculty and AP teachers, and covers the breadth of information, skills, and assignments found in corresponding college courses. A score of 4 or 5 will usually be accepted for placement or credit at Siena.

Course Description Siena Equivalent
Art History CREA 231
Calculus AB MATH 110
Calculus BC MATH 110 & MATH 120
Chemistry CHEM 040 
Chinese Language & Culture ATDV 1EL
Computer Science A CSIS 120
Computer Science AB No equivalencies exist
English Language & Composition WRIT 100
English Literature & Composition ENGL 011
Environmental Science ENVA 100
European History ATDV 1EL
French Language FREN 201
French Literature FREN 2EL
German Language GERM 201
Government & Policies: Comparative POSC 140
Government & Policies: United States POSC 100
Human Geography SOCI 160
Italian Language & Culture ITAL 201
Japanese Language & Culture ATDV 1EL
Latin Literature LATN 1EL
Latin: Vergil LATN 1EL
Macroeconomics ECON 102
Microeconomics ECON 101
Music Theory CREA 1EL
Physics B PHYS 110 (4 credits)
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism No equivalencies exist
Physics C: Mechanism No equivalencies exist
Psychology PSYC 100
Spanish Language SPAN 201
Spanish Literature SPAN 2EL
Statistics QBUS 200
Studio Art: 2-D Design CREA 112
Studio Art: 3-D Design CREA 1EL
Studio Art: Drawing CREA 200
United States History ATDV 1EL
World History ATDV 1EL
Biology Non BIOL majors = BIOL 040*
*BIOL majors: Earn 3 credits for BIOL 040. The course sequence for those students approved by the department will be: Fall Semester: Advanced General Biology (BIOL—170) 4 credits, Spring Semester: Advanced General Biology Seminar (BIOL—180) 2 credits.