Mid-Winter Luncheon

"Mid-Winter Luncheon"

Every January, after the Christmas break, the Siena/AMC students regroup with Dr. LaRow and our friends from Admissions, Cindy Soja and Heather Renault, to discuss upcoming events of the Spring Semester. These events include the OD Heck Dance, Spring Into Science, and of course, the Tours and Interviews.

January 2005


The Sophomores enjoyed their winter break and seem ready for another round of Organic Chemistry.

Talking at tables 

Everyone catches up over lunch. Several students have returned from their semester abroad and are eager to see their friends.

Cindy and Heather 

Cindy and Heather have done a lovely job with the Tour and Interview Sign-up sheets.

Signing up at a table 

Everyone signs up for tours and interview lunches so they can meet prospective students and give them an idea of what its like to be a student in the Siena/AMC program.