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In an effort to maintain the philosophy of the Siena/AMC program and encourage all students to maximize their involvement in community service, a board of student-elected individuals meet roughly every week to plan for upcoming events.  Their hard work and dedication serves not only as a model to the other students, but also affords everyone to do what they do best- volunteer!


SALT members discuss possible volunteer projects 

The SALT meetings are where events such as the Haunted House and the O.D. Heck Dance are organized. This year's SALT members discuss possible volunteer projects to get involved in as a group and as individuals. SALT members work together to coordinate class volunteer projects and introduce new volunteer ideas for those who are in search of an individual volunteer project.

Members discussed the outcome of last semester's projects

At this meeting, members discussed the outcome of last semester's projects, possible dates for this year's O.D. Heck Dance, an article for the newsletter about the Junior class's volunteer project with "New Day Art," and helping out at Capital District Food Bank as this semester's group project.

Discussing this semester's group project


Siena AMC SALT members hard at work 

Siena/AMC SALT members hard at work

More Siena/AMC SALT Memebers Hard at Work