Spring Banquet

Spring Banquet


At this year's Annual Spring Banquet, Sister Anne Bryan Smollin came to speak about "Relieving Stress with Humor."  Her talk allowed the Siena students to laugh and enjoy themselves, as well as take a break and relax.


Seniors Ramy, Mal, Chris, and Nat.

Juniors Jess, Gary, Marissa, Lauren, and Charlotte.

Juniors John, Nik, Paul, and J.T.

Freshmen Alyssa, Tina, Rani, and Josh.



At the 2nd Annual Spring Banquet, Father Kevin Mullen spoke about the importance of faith and using one's talents to help people. The students had a chance to mix and mingle with the seniors who start Albany Med in the fall.


OD Heck and Banque - 2006 (046)

Gina, Sheena, Caitlyn, Ryan, Father Kevin, Mrs. LaRow, and Dr. LaRow enjoying dinner.

 OD Heck and Banquet - 2006 (049)

Deedee, Meredith, and Erica

 OD Heck and Banquet - 2006 (052)

Matthew and Victoria


This year we held our First Annual Spring Banquet at Siena. Mr. Jim Barba, CEO of Albany Medical College, spoke about "Health care in Today's Complex Society."  It was a great opportunity for Siena/AMC students to enjoy a pleasant dinner together and discuss our future in Medicine. 

AMC Spring Banquet - 2005 (003) 

The Juniors

 AMC Spring Banquet - 2005 (004) 

Sophomores and Freshmen

 AMC Spring Banquet - 2005 (005) 

The Seniors

 AMC Spring Banquet - 2005 (008) 

Father Kevin, Dr. LaRow, and Jim Barba

 Greg and Melissa at the Spring Banquet 

Greg and Melissa

 AMC Spring Banquet - 2005 (023) 

Sophomore and Freshmen ladies

AMC Spring Banquet - 2005 (024) 

Rob and John, a couple of handsome Seniors